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Daily Archives: August 24

A huge Howler hello to the new school year

Summer is over, and the school year has just begun. Most newcomers were officially welcomed to campus yesterday at the link crew orientation. To welcome everyone on campus, here’s a list of reminders for the upcoming school year. Schedules and classes can still be changed or

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Band camp Beatlemania

While many Timberwolves spent the last week of summer going to the beach, sleeping in or even cramming AP summer homework, the Northwood Marching Band, affectionately nicknamed the “Wall of Sound,” gathered on campus every day from August 15-19 to prepare for this year’s Beatles-themed

Teacher arrested for trafficking Pokémon

Following the worldwide spread of Pokémon GO, Northwood teacher Elise Flocken was arrested early Sunday morning on federal Pokemon trafficking charges. “Over 400 innocent Pokémon were caught illegally, held against their will and trafficked from areas all over Orange County into Northwood,” Officer Jenny said.

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Fun rides, fine arts and fried food: A look at the OC Fair

It’s hard to find another place where you can find such an extensive range of fried food. We’re talking, of course, about the annual Orange County Fair. “They even had chocolate-covered bacon and deep-fried, double-double cheeseburgers,” 19-year-old Jamie Dann said. Held in Costa Mesa, the