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Students speak out at Virtual Advocacy Trip
Rachel Yokota, Staff Writer • April 23, 2021

Six Northwood students spoke directly with state lawmakers during the annual Sacramento Advocacy Trip virtually on March 8-9. Students addressed...

SETTING UP FOR SUCCESS: Incoming ASB officers and juniors Snigdha Maddula and Yun Seo Lee help creatively decorate a mannequin for Northwood’s annual Fine Arts Week event, celebrating all types of art.
Leading the Pack: Northwood’s newest ASB officers
Annie Lee, Staff Writer • April 23, 2021

The new ASB officers for the 2021-22 school year were selected during the Election Convention on March 22.  Election Convention, held through a youtube...

SAFETY IN NUMBERS: California has a goal to reach herd immunity in the state by providing vaccine accessibility in all 58 counties.
Some Northwood Students Eligible To Get Their Vaccine Soon
Cameron Arcand, Viewpoint Editor • April 11, 2021

Any Californian over the age of 16 will be eligible for the vaccine beginning April 15, opening the door for Northwood upperclassmen.  “I’m really...

GLOOM AND ZOOM: Clubs are overwhelmed by low participation during meetings.
How COVID-19 killed student engagement in clubs
Kathy Chun, THO Editor-in-Chief • April 23, 2021
Entering high school as a doe-eyed freshman with hands clutching my backpack straps, I found
HEAR OUR VOICES: Several protestors gather to bring awareness to sexual assault, harassment and violence issues affecting women around the world.
97% of women
Zarina Yunis, Editor-in-Chief • April 18, 2021
If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok or Instagram this
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A FRESH START: Northwood’s Track and Field team huddles up following an exciting competition.
New Season: In-brief of spring sports
William Baik, Staff Writer • April 23, 2021

As the new season arrives and sports teams begin a shortened season, here is an in-brief of recently started spring sports. Swim Northwood’s...

DEFENDING SKILLFULLY: Junior Harry Kim swiftly receives a serve.
CIF regulations spark controversy
Helena Zhou, Staff Writer • April 23, 2021

A San Diego lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state successfully altered public health and CIF regulations, allowing...

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Northwood officially bans senior class of 2021
Northwood officially bans senior class of 2021
Kathy Chun, THO Editor-in-Chief • April 23, 2021
Northwood made the decision to implement a permanent policy to replace its senior class with
April showers bring Mayflowers
April showers bring Mayflowers
Hari Sreeramagiri, Staff Writer • April 23, 2021
In the name of God, Amen. We, the loyal subjects of our Sovereign Lord, Christopher Columbus,
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Tart pickled radish and spicy sauces cut through the fried greasy goodness.
Bb.q’s fried chicken: Not finger lickin’ good
Ryan Wu, Staff Writer • April 23, 2021

Cozily tucked in the corner of Northpark Plaza alongside Boba Time and Donut Star, bb.q Chicken is the newest fried chicken...

What brings Northwood students hope?
What brings Northwood students hope?
Tyler Wong and Yenna Kim April 23, 2021

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