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The Student News Site of Northwood High School

The Northwood Howler

The Student News Site of Northwood High School

The Northwood Howler

Shifting Gears: Changes to the parking permit system
Shifting Gears: Changes to the parking permit system
Rachel Gima, Sports Editor
May 11, 2022
HEALTHY TRANSPORTATION: The Lime scooter system in metropolitan cities becomes more accessible to sidewalk civilians.
Public Electric Scooters: The benefits to its implementation
Noelle Escalante, Staff Writer
May 4, 2022
 Boys Athletics commissioner, Aditya Hari gets the crowd hyped up before a football game.
Changes to appointed positions within Northwood’s ASB
May 4, 2022

Northwood’s ASB will be undergoing changes to both its appointed...

Welcome to NHS Letter
April 12, 2022

Hi future Timberwolves! Welcome to Northwood, the happiest...

Irvine Talks
April 11, 2022

Silently huddled on the grass patch surrounding a dimmed high...

UCI stands poised to lead the way after a donation added to its high-tech facilities, like its Facility for Imaging and Brain Research (FIBRE) dedicated towards cutting-edge MRI scans.
Hope for the lost: UCI depression research receives massive donation
March 29, 2022

UCI received $57 million to create a research center for depression...

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE: Seniors Albert Gao and Brooke Guan review their Honor Chorus music backstage before the performance.
Honors Concert celebrates IUSD’s 50th anniversary
March 22, 2022

The elementary school students were herded onto the stage, fidgeting...

Stacking Up Memories: Northwood’s parking system, finals structure and more make it the distinctive place that we call ours for four years.
Learn the alphabet
Abigail Fang, Layout Editor
May 11, 2022

Welcome to your one-and-only guide to Northwood, alphabet-version! Now that we’re approaching the end of the school year, continue reading to be reminded...

HANDS-ON: Seeds members are truly hands-on when it comes to plants.
Planting the seeds for terrariums
Erin Tsai, Staff Writer
May 9, 2022

As kids, we were often told not to play with dirt. But walk into Room 1002 on Thursdays during lunch, and you just might find students mixing containers...

STANDING UP WITH COURAGE: Fairy in the Mirror junior Catie Jamieson (right) lifts Ashgirl senior Sofia Partridge (left) from the ground, encouraging her to believe in herself instead of looking to magic.
The Ash Girl: A fairytale for the times
Ashley Lee, A&E Editor
April 11, 2022

“The Ash Girl,” a darker rendition of the classic Cinderella story by Timberlake Wertenbaker and directed by Rey Shankar at Northwood from March 22-25,...

ALL OF US ARE DEAD: What would you do if faced with a zombie virus epidemic at your school?
A successful zombie twist in a high-school K-drama: “All of Us are Dead” review
Lana Hwang, Accent Editor
March 21, 2022

If you’re a fan of K-dramas, zombies, Netflix or all of the above, you’ve probably heard of the hit TV show “All of Us are Dead.” The combination...

Role of bench players in sports
Role of bench players in sports
Annie Lee, Staff Writer
May 4, 2022

During athletic competitions, the spotlight is often given to the players with offensive positions who are seen scoring the points, dunking the basketball...

Frenzy of Firsts: Northwood’s swim team takes a triumphant plunge and holds up number one hand signs to celebrate their first time winning first place at the Pacific Coast League Finals.
Northwood swim captures first place at Pacific Coast League finals
Yejin Heo, Staff Writer
May 1, 2022

Northwood’s boys and girls swim team both secured the overall team championship at the Pacific Coast League Finals held at the Woollett Aquatics Center...

Rapunzel and Mother Gothel wont be the only dynamic duo after you read this.
Top 5 new ways for strict moms to become Lit
Annabel Tiong, Staff Writer
May 7, 2022
It’s finally time to start pulling out those Macy’s gift cards and some wrapping paper! Mother’s day is right around
Placate my plate-onic relationships
Placate my plate-onic relationships
Arya Bhattacharjee, Staff Writer
April 19, 2022
Friend groups are an essential part of any student’s high school experience, but keeping healthy relationships can prove