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The Student News Site of Northwood High School

The Northwood Howler

The Student News Site of Northwood High School

The Northwood Howler

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE: Teens are often thrown into the gray area between children and adults.

Teens: Are they children or adults?

Anna Cho, News Editor
May 24, 2024

The awkward teenage ages from 12 to 17: the gap where you’re old enough to recognize the immorality in buying child price movie tickets for $11, yet too young to pay the full $15 adult price at Regal....

SIMPLE STUDYING: Students now feel compelled to take the SAT with the recent changes.

Standardized tests are the best baseline

Rhea Gupta, Viewpoint Editor
May 6, 2024

The SAT and ACT have for so long been looked at with deep skepticism. Rather than a measure of college readiness, it has been widely considered to be a tool for reinforcing socioeconomic inequalities that...

IGNITING PASSION: Sophomore Lauren Low passionately delivers her speech for the position of Vice President in Odyssey of the Mind

Club Elections: Democracy or demise?

Courtney Lee and Raelle Tiong
May 2, 2024

Northwood clubs are not simply another extracurricular; they’re outlets for creativity and passion that grow from hundreds of hours of hard work. What extroverted A-game politicians and meeker hard-working...

Studying Outdoors: a student writes down her ideas at a table outside after class.

Breaking the Cycle: the importance of working outside

Hannah Liu, Staff Writer
May 2, 2024

In a world where Americans spend 90% of their time on average indoors, our perpetual screens and dim workspaces could be costing us more than we imagine. As society becomes increasingly reliant on technology,...

FIGHTING STIGMA: Those suffering from addiction deserve support and recognition of bravery, not unfounded criticism.

The Fentanyl Epidemic: The case for empathy in our crisis

Anthony Park, Staff Writer
May 1, 2024

Fentanyl overdose deaths have skyrocketed over 1,700% in Orange County in the past eight years, surged by 1,652% in Los Angeles and drove the deaths of 22 high schoolers every week across America in 2022....

One Size Fits Most: how Brandy Melville hides behind branding

One Size Fits Most: how Brandy Melville hides behind branding

Alyssa Quintana, Staff Writer
April 29, 2024

Over the years and various trend cycles, Brandy Melville has consistently maintained its relevance as the go-to brand for quintessential "cool girls," while catering exclusively to white, rich and skinny...

ADDICTING ENERGY: Junior Gabby Lan continues to study with the help of an energy drink.

That extra ounce of caffeine boost will not boost your GPA…

Anna Cho, News Editor
April 22, 2024

Energy drinks, like the seemingly Northwood-favorite, Celsius, can feel like the most loyal study buddies that enable us to stay awake for hours on end. What students often fail to realize, or even ignore,...

BE THE HELPING HAND: Reassuring others that mistakes can be overcome dissolves fears surrounding failures.

The Perfection of Imperfection: Honoring mistakes

Raya Abu-Tarif, Staff Writer
April 19, 2024

Despite the common belief that“failure is not an option,” mistakes are often the most valuable methods of learning. High school is filled with seasons of experimentation, and it is important to embrace...

THE MAGIC OF FRIENDSHIP: New companions allow for personal growth in high school.

Friend groups can change… and that’s okay

Zoe Yan and Shreya Aithal
April 19, 2024

According to a certain pony princess and her group of friends, friendship is magic. But can the “magic” fade away? While you may enter Northwood with the friends you have had since elementary school,...

DUTIFUL DOORDASH: Learning to cook is a valuable skill, even though it might be easy to order food.

The importance of cooking for yourself in a world of food delivery

Vincent Yang, Staff Writer
April 18, 2024

You lie on your couch, scrolling through Instagram reels when you hear an ominous grumbling from your stomach. Rather than getting up and looking at what you have in the fridge, you instinctively open...

DO BETTER NEXT TIME: The mantra of an overworked high school student who fails to see their effort pay off in competitions– but maybe it’s not entirely their fault.

The harsh reality behind Irvine schools dominating Orange County competitions

Raelle Tiong, Staff Writer
April 17, 2024

You’re listening to the speaker list winners, crossing your fingers and whispering under your breath. You put your all into this competition. But the string of words following each name is the same every...

HES SO BABYGIRL: Celebrities are often idolized to extreme extents.

The reality of parasocial relationships

Lucy Kim, Junk Editor
March 26, 2024

When does following an actor on all social media platforms cross into the territory of devoting excess amounts of time, money and emotional energy to what is simply a perception of an idol? For some of...

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