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The Student News Site of Northwood High School

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The Student News Site of Northwood High School

The Northwood Howler

Colorism in South Asia and its Impact on Irvine’s community

Colorism in South Asia and its Impact on Irvine’s community

Rhea Gupta, Staff Writer
May 29, 2022

South Asians become conscious of skin color at a very young age. We are told to stay out of the sun, to apply lemon or Fair & Lovely to our faces in hopes for a lighter complexion and, almost every...

SENIOR NIGHTMARES: Five nights into admissions, college mas-
cots loom over students stressing about the quality of their applications.

We are more than where we will go from here

Year after year, students clamor around The Oak in search of the long-awaited centerspread: a map of the United States, along with the names of seniors listed under which college or institution they will...

Shifting Gears: Changes to the parking permit system

Shifting Gears: Changes to the parking permit system

Rachel Gima, Sports Editor
May 11, 2022

Looking out into the sea of cars that populate the NHS parking lot, the unmistakable identifiers of a parking violation - a pale yellow ticket slip pinned on a windshield, a neon yellow sign taped to the...

HEALTHY TRANSPORTATION: The Lime scooter system in metropolitan cities becomes more accessible to sidewalk civilians.

Public Electric Scooters: The benefits to its implementation

Noelle Escalante, Staff Writer
May 4, 2022

Rush hour traffic is not only an inconvenience; all the fuel for transportation accumulates into greater harm to the environment. With the increasing amount of pollution, electric non-motorized vehicles...

The importance of the student voice

The importance of the student voice

Arya Bhattacharjee, Staff Writer
April 15, 2022

The spirit of high school comes from the voice of its students, essential for celebrating a diverse high school campus in which feelings of belonging are at the forefront. In order to embody the spirit...

Reflecting on women in the workforce

Reflecting on women in the workforce

Eugenie Chang, Viewpoint Editor
March 31, 2022

Each year, Women’s History Month features a prevalent theme selected by the National Women’s History Alliance that best encompasses the overarching events of the year. The 2022 theme "Women Providing...

THE CEREAL KILLER: Virtual Box Tops are perpetuating the wealth gap in education.

Box Tops for Education: Philanthropy or increasing inequality?

Noelle Escalante, Staff Writer
March 17, 2022

Cutting off the tops of cereal boxes and go-gurt wrappers while concealing them into a ziploc bag has become a core memory for all of Gen Z. We still remember waiting on the school blacktop during Monday...

DEBATES OVER NATIONALITY: Athletes deserve support for their decisions rather than criticism.

Division Over Nationality: Competing at the Olympics

Annie Lee, Staff Writer
March 15, 2022

Soaring through the crisp air to massive heights, China’s representative Eileen Gu clinched two gold medals and one silver medal in three different skiing categories at the 2022 Winter Olympics. But...

NO SUGARCOATING IT: Junior Omair Rana scans a box of Frosted Flakes, noting the significant price increase of the product.

Holding corporations accountable

Diego Moreno, Staff Writer
March 14, 2022

Imagine walking into the grocery store hoping to buy a box of Frosted Mini Wheats only to discover the price increased from $3.50 to $4. Although the difference seems small, these price increases accumulate...

TOO SOON TO GO MASKLESS: Senior Abby Sepulveda reaches for a mask to wear indoors in accordance with the school mask mandate.

Drawbacks to removing school mask mandates

Rhea Gupta, Staff Writer
March 10, 2022

Gov. Gavin Newson recently announced that starting March 1, unvaccinated individuals will no longer be required to wear masks indoors and after March 11, masks will no longer be required in schools, though...

TRYHARD: Students question the perceived difficulty in some of their courses.

Certain teachers grade harder: truth or excuse?

Olivia Cai, Staff Writer
March 7, 2022

The start of a new semester signals a ritual that is all too common for high school students undergoing a schedule change, from praying for that one easy teacher to dreading harder test graders and what...

SUPPLEMENTAL SELECTIONS: Piled on textbooks are other reading material on Black History and antiracism, available at Northwood’s school library.

Black history’s lack of depth in American schools

Rita Lai, Staff Writer
February 28, 2022

Black History Month celebrates the contributions of Black Americans while acknowledging the ongoing consequences of systemic racism. However, the fervent attempts by brands and politicians to capitalize...

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