The Northwood Howler

ESPN’s Quarantine Protocol

Erin Kim, Accent Editor

May 29, 2020

Even without sports due to the pandemic, ESPN, a leading sports broadcasting network, along with other sports media, has found content to air to millions of sports fans. In response to postponed sports seasons, ESPN has adopted...

Jordan comes in clutch

Ryan Wu and Pranav Gaddam

May 29, 2020

After three retirements and a total of 30,000 points scored in his basketball career, Michael Jordan left the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 2003 with a legacy that has arguably been unrivaled even today. Even his name...

Badminton tournament

Rocky Gao and Mei Ono

March 4, 2020

The sharp whacks of colliding rackets and birdies echoed over the diligent grunts of badminton players as they battled for control of the court. Athletes invaded the bleachers and courts, eager to finally compete against new ...