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Crispy samosas, tangy fruits and creamy Sheer Khurma make their way onto the table as sunset arrives. In the meantime, a clay tasbih, etched with ritual recitations, attached to beads known as the mohr are used as a physical guide during prayer.

Ramadan Traditions

Karen Wang, Staff Writer May 11, 2021

Every year, nearly 1.6 billion Muslims across the globe partake in spiritual reflection by celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, beginning with the first day of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar....

BRAVE INDEED: Even though Brave is a relatively new software, it excels in areas where many other browsers disappoint.

Brave: The faster, smarter alternative to Chrome

Chris Song, Writing Apprentice April 29, 2021

As soon as you load up a website on Brave, you automatically notice a difference from the typical browsers you use: There’s a clean interface, lightning-fast loading speeds and a refreshing absence of...

Overlooked study tips

Overlooked study tips

Rachel Gima, Staff Writer April 26, 2021

With students rushing to complete projects and assignments while studying for a seemingly endless barrage of tests, it can feel like more work is done in the last quarter of the school year than the first...

A bright blooming reopening

Zarina Yunis, Editor-in-Chief April 23, 2021

The Huntington Botanical Gardens exhibit a medley of displays of the serenity of nature to satisfy any vibe. But beautiful gardens are not all The Huntington has to offer: Select galleries, including one...

Tart pickled radish and spicy sauces cut through the fried greasy goodness.

Bb.q’s fried chicken: Not finger lickin’ good

Ryan Wu, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

Cozily tucked in the corner of Northpark Plaza alongside Boba Time and Donut Star, bb.q Chicken is the newest fried chicken restaurant in Irvine. An expansive restaurant chain occupying 15 states, bb.q...

BACK TO THE BASICS: Time management can be hard to obtain for students due to procrastination alongside with our school work, especially during COVID-19.

5 ways to be a productive student

Helia Dehghanzadeh, Writing Apprentice April 21, 2021

Whether it’s online classes or the approaching AP testing season, it can be difficult to focus on school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some helpful tips to help you keep a positive mindset for...

RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER: Northwood students reflect on their current academic model in preparation for the next school year.

Student Speak: Academic Models

Tyler Wong, Viewpoint Editor April 19, 2021

After nearly a year of hybrid, blended or fully online learning at Irvine Virtual Academy (IVA), IUSD students have discovered both the beneficial and challenging aspects that come with adopting a new...

A DELICIOUS TRADITION: Each flavorful bowl of Kare-Kare is filled with savory ingredients that make your mouth water.

History of Kare-Kare and how to make it

Matthew Dimaandal, Staff Writer April 16, 2021

While peanut butter and oxtail may not seem like the best combination, it is actually a match made in heaven. Kare-Kare is a traditional Filipino dish consisting of oxtail and vegetables within a creamy...

Origins of the Easter Egg and Bunny

Erin Kim, Accent Editor April 4, 2021

Bunny stuffed animals, decadent chocolates and brightly colored eggs fly off the shelves of every supermarket as people prepare their holiday decorations and Easter egg hunts. We’ve all been told the...

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