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The Student News Site of Northwood High School

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The Student News Site of Northwood High School

The Northwood Howler

The Video Games of The Pack

Arya Bhattacharjee, Staff Writer June 14, 2021

Video games have been rising to the top as one of the most valuable forms of entertainment over the past couple of years, and the pandemic has only boosted their popularity. At The Howler, we’ve covered...

How to grow an at-home miniature herb garden

Rita Lai, Staff Writer June 6, 2021

As people have been spending more time at home over the last year, gardening has become a popular hobby. It’s a [adjective] way to rewind and relax, and there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with...

Lemon trees around the path up the Citrus Ranch Park hill

Summer Break Go-To Locations

Annie Lee, Staff Writer June 6, 2021

Summer break is coming at last. While many people love going on vacation, long-distance trips during this pandemic are still risky even with masks, social distancing and vaccinations. Instead of traveling...

Green grape ade (translation: refreshing sparkling water, fresh chewy grape chunks)

At-Home Korean Style Cafe

Lana Hwang, Staff Writer June 3, 2021

If the monotonous layout of your room is feeling repetitive and boring, try changing up your environment with cafe sound effects from and make your room feel like a relaxing study cafe...

Summer Brunch Recipes

Erin Kim, Accent Editor June 3, 2021

It's the first morning you haven’t had to wake up at 7 a.m., the temperature outside is already soaring into the high 70s and you’ve made plans to spend the day at the beach with your friends. The...

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Erin Tsai, Staff Writer May 30, 2021

Northwood junior Ria Achuthan and Woodbridge junior Steven Chang lead volunteers at Mike Ward Community Park.

“Make a Difference Mondays” Helps the Homeless

Yejin Heo, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

Irvine Virtual Academy (IVA) students were invited to help support the local homeless population by donating children’s needs and non-perishable goods at Mike Ward Community Park throughout May for Make...

Vibrant celebrations in honor of AAPI Heritage Month take place all throughout May, showcasing the uniqueness of Asian cultures.

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

Eugenie Chang, Staff Writer May 22, 2021

Since its original introduction to Congress as a week-long observance, Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month has expanded vastly in both significance and prominence. The month was designated...

Crispy samosas, tangy fruits and creamy Sheer Khurma make their way onto the table as sunset arrives. In the meantime, a clay tasbih, etched with ritual recitations, attached to beads known as the mohr are used as a physical guide during prayer.

Ramadan Traditions

Karen Wang, Staff Writer May 11, 2021

Every year, nearly 1.6 billion Muslims across the globe partake in spiritual reflection by celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, beginning with the first day of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar....

BRAVE INDEED: Even though Brave is a relatively new software, it excels in areas where many other browsers disappoint.

Brave: The faster, smarter alternative to Chrome

Chris Song, Writing Apprentice April 29, 2021

As soon as you load up a website on Brave, you automatically notice a difference from the typical browsers you use: There’s a clean interface, lightning-fast loading speeds and a refreshing absence of...

Overlooked study tips

Overlooked study tips

Rachel Gima, Staff Writer April 26, 2021

With students rushing to complete projects and assignments while studying for a seemingly endless barrage of tests, it can feel like more work is done in the last quarter of the school year than the first...

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