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UNLIMITED FUN: Northwood students dream to have the summer of a lifetime surfing, interning in a chemistry lab or rocking a pre-college program at NYU.

How to have a productive summer

Ellen J. Wang, Staff Writer
May 31, 2023

Summer’s knocking on the door, and Northwood students might feel lost and intimidated by the suddenly empty three months free of school. However, summer is a fantastic asset—you can basically organize...

STATISTICS WITH A SMILE: Math teacher Chris Sharpe teaches AP Statistics with enthusiastic energy and kindness.

Quantifying Chris Sharpe’s mean-ingful influence

Riya Gupta, Staff Writer
May 28, 2023

Excited chatter fills the air as the clock ticks closer to the start of class. The warm Friday sun pours in through the windows, casting a golden glow on the faces of Statistics students as they take their...

PROM STRUGGLES: Asking someone out to prom can often be a handful

Good, Bad, and Ugly: Prom-ise we can help!

With prom season fast descending onto Northwood, we’re sure many of our devout readers are currently struggling to secure those last-minute dates and put together their promposals. But beyond giving...

MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING: Izabel Vicente (11) and Haydee Vicente take and teach Spanish 4 respectively, in each other’s awe as the in-class experience brings them together. (Andrew Le)

Mothers on Campus: from the students that get to call them ‘mom’

Alyssa Quintana, Staff Writer
May 15, 2023

If there’s one place you don’t expect to see your mom, it’s in the classroom. The Howler would like to celebrate the moms who come to school with their kids as teachers and the experiences that can...

LAN-GAUGING INTEREST: The hot pink Language Ambassadors flyer catches the eye of every student on campus, including senior Arjun Suresh.

Language Ambassador program

Anna Cho, Staff Writer
April 28, 2023

Having no friends in classes, sitting alone during lunch and feeling a sense of isolation at school can be a high schooler’s greatest nightmare. Being at a whole new school is unnerving, but being at...

RADIANT ROBOTICS:  Freshman Jia Dave demonstrates the correct way to construct a VEX robotics build to club observers, prospective members and competitors.

Peering into engineering with Robotics Club

Ally Venezia, Staff Writer
April 14, 2023

To be an underclassman on the board of a Northwood club is a feat in and of itself, as most board positions go to upperclassmen. But to be the president of a club you founded as a freshman is even more...

Gourmet or Generic: Attempting to make fancy versions of regular foods

Gourmet or Generic: Attempting to make fancy versions of regular foods

Elena Higuchi and Annabel Tiong
April 13, 2023

There are a couple of tried-and-true classics of the American diet that never fail to satisfy us after a long day of work or school. From frozen finger food to popularized candies, we tasked ourselves...

QUESTIONS FLYING: Senior Yusrah Khan hosts a Kahoot about Disney Princesses for National Organization of Women club

Women Speak: Advocating Change at Northwood

Megha, Kishore
March 27, 2023

Throughout March, women come together to celebrate successes in overcoming the struggles and stereotypes they have faced throughout history to celebrate Women’s History Month. Northwood's diverse female...

LEADERS OF THE PACK: Student Rep Ida Ahola (right) and Student Forum President Anthara Thirupathi (left) share their experiences about the various leadership roles theyve had throughout highschool.

Various leadership positions on campus

Annie Lee, Viewpoint Editor
March 24, 2023

Perhaps your heart thudded as the chime of the final lunch bell on March 10 sparked a sudden realization that you missed the required informational meeting for aspiring ASB applicants. Or maybe the responsibilities...

WHIRLPOOL OF WORRY: A student screams in terror as she spirals down the swirls of academic stress.

The Good, Bad and Ugly— How to survive the Mental March Madness

Jihoo Yoon, Staff Writer
March 24, 2023

Ah, March. It’s the month of “spring,” (we’ll ignore the fact that it “snowed” a few weeks ago), and we are in another sort of March Madness—the academic kind. Students are crying over tests...

SOLVING PROBLEMS, ONE EQUATION AT A TIME: Junior William Deng teaches members of Math Olympiad how to compute log equations.

Pi Day: Math Olympiad Feature

Anna Cho, Staff Writer
March 23, 2023

Just like the never-ending digits of Pi, math has numerous different levels of complexity to it. From simple digits to an infinite number of solutions, the possibilities are endless in the field of mathematics.  The...

CLOUD CAKE: With fresh fruit and fluffy cream coating the cake, the“normal cloud cake” is the customers’ favorite.

A Glimpse of Korean Cuisine – Featuring H-Mart’s Food Court

Jihoo Yoon, Staff Writer
March 20, 2023

If you’re a fellow Irvine-ian craving for a taste of Korean culture, you may find yourself wandering in the bustling food courts at the Northpark H-Mart. The supermarket at Northpark Plaza welcomed its...

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