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The Perfection of Imperfection: Honoring mistakes

Rikkie Gunawan
BE THE HELPING HAND: Reassuring others that mistakes can be overcome dissolves fears surrounding failures.

Despite the common belief that“failure is not an option,” mistakes are often the most valuable methods of learning. High school is filled with seasons of experimentation, and it is important to embrace these opportunities for growth and take advantage of the school’s supportive environment. Students have access to counselors and teachers, as well as older peers who can provide advice on how to navigate challenges and setbacks.

Students are each assigned to a designated counselor throughout their four years at Northwood based on their advisement. 

From answering questions about grades, planning or any other struggles that a high schooler may face, these counselors are experienced in assisting students through any problems that may arise throughout high school.

The classrooms, the College and Career Center and The Well, are safe environments for students to go to if they feel overwhelmed or simply have a question.

“We want kids to immerse themselves in different areas, and it’s okay if the first thing you try doesn’t fit. The path to success isn’t a straight line, and a true sign of resilience is someone who does make mistakes along the way, then picks themselves up and keeps on going,” counselor Allison Singer said. “That’s what we’re hoping for here at Northwood, that people can feel safe pushing themselvs, trying new things and not having to be perfect all the time.”

While students may begin high school with a set goal and plan, it is beneficial to step out of your comfort zone and engage in various activities that could appeal to you. 

Experiencing different work skills through participating in Regional Occupational Program courses or taking new electives will grant opportunities to meet new people and explore various aspects of your identity. These experiences can reaffirm your passion for a desired field, or help you discover new interests.

The priority of freshman year is to learn how to be a high school student, according to Singer, by forming strong study skills, finding your interests and developing confidence. Many of these traits are developed through the process of problem solving and perseverance.

“Throughout the year, there were science tests I’d get a two on, skill checks I’d score low on,” freshman Amina Uddin said. “But allowing myself to learn from my mistakes and try again helped me overcome a lot of obstacles.”

The lessons learned through trial and error are beneficial to a student’s future and greatly contribute to their development not only as dedicated learners but also as young adults who are open to taking risks.

“This year, I tried running for sophomore vice president, which is something I never thought I’d do,” Uddin said. “The experience of campaigning and putting myself out there really helped build my confidence and taught me the importance of trying new things, even if I didn’t get my position.”

If students are willing to venture beyond the electives provided at Northwood, the school offers a variety of clubs that range from academic competitions to community service programs, as well as clubs that feature diverse religious, cultural and identity groups across campus.

Despite whether these clubs align with your intended major, there is no harm in exploring the wide array of options available.

“When I meet with my seniors, and we ask what’s one thing that they would do differently, most of them will say, ‘I wish I got more involved’ or ‘I wish I tried more new things earlier on,’” Singer said. “As a freshman, it can be hard to try new things, but being willing to take a risk is probaby one of the most important things.”

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