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Good, Bad and Ugly: Being a Timby-approved spectator

Ashley Wang
HIP HIP HOORAY: Cheering loudly and proudly in the stands is a Timby-rific way to show excitement and rally on Northwood athletes to bring the win home to The Den.

The spring sports season has officially begun, which means that if you’ve been feeling deprived of sunlight, happiness or a social life recently, you’re in luck. To help you become the perfect sports spectator in the crowd, here is our Good, Bad and Ugly advice for viewing swim meets. 

Dear Howler,

I finally unlocked the secret to time management and have a free afternoon tomorrow, so I was thinking of attending a swim meet for fun. The only problem is that I’ve never gone to a meet before and know nothing about swim, besides that there’s water and people in it. Should I still go?


Una Thletique

Good:  Una, absolutely! It’s always good to explore new things, and I’m sure the athletes will appreciate your support and spirit in the audience. Plus, you may even end up liking it so much that you want to give it a shot yourself. 

Don’t let your lack of knowledge about swim deter you from having a good time; it’s okay to learn as you go! Just make sure you don’t cause disruptions to the meet. If possible, try and get your hands on a heat sheet so you know who’s swimming in each lane. 

Most importantly, cheer for Northwood athletes! Cheering makes all sports events fun, so feel free to let loose with it. And if you decide that swim isn’t your cup of water, there are plenty of other spring sports (on land!) that you can try watching as well. Just don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and have fun!

Bad: Quite frankly, no. Absolutely not. You obviously aren’t a real fan of swim who deserves to be going to meets. 

Unless you’ve attended a minimum of every meet up to this point, own at least five pieces of Northwood swim merch (including pieces you’ve designed yourself) and know each member of the team personally, I would advise against it. It simply isn’t worth it. If you insist on going, you should find a corner and quietly gaze at the pool. 

Ugly: Definitely! Bring your waterpark gear, complete with arm floaties, flippers (just in case you have to dive in to save a struggling swimmer) and a bucket of multipurpose sand to either build sandcastles by the shore or throw at the other team. 

Once that’s all figured out, decide if you want to sit in the splash zone and get a close-up view of the action, or if you’d rather sunbathe in the back. I’d recommend a seat in the middle, just make sure to have eyelid holders so you don’t accidentally blink and miss the swimmers as they shoot past lightning fast. 

The actual swimming part is such a bore, so feel free to spice it up by performing your own halftime show on the sidelines, perhaps a cover of “Baby Shark” to motivate them to swim faster. Once you’ve got the necessary items, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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Ashley Wang
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