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Dear Future T-wolves: Welcome to Northwood

Aya Takase-Songui
HAPPY UPON THE HILLS: Principal Leslie Roach and Northwood Teacher of the Year David Lee get ready and excited to welcome incoming freshmen to the next four years at high school.

Close your eyes and imagine. In the next couple of months, you will enter the halls of Northwood, a school of more than 2,000 students. How does it feel? Maybe nerve-wracking. Or exciting. Maybe somewhere in between. These feelings are normal; almost all of your peers may be feeling the same way as you reach the final step of your education before entering the real world. 

The year begins with new classes, schedules and people, which takes adjusting, so reach out to resources around campus. Link Crew, a group of upperclassmen, are available during advisement to answer your questions about social and academic life, along with school counselors who help navigate your high school trajectory based on your future plans and interests. Mental health specialists support incoming students by guiding them on how to find balance or providing a space to destress in The Well, located in the 900s building. There, students can unwind with various sensory tools and resources.

“Just the transition from middle school to high school can be very difficult,” mental health specialist Gina Cross said. “We want to let the incoming freshmen know that they can come in any time. If they need to talk to someone, my office is here. We want students to feel comfortable and safe here.”

Make yourself at home at Northwood by exploring all the opportunities and find your place. Northwood has a wide range of athletics year-round to hone your skills and be part of a team. With the various levels, including frosh/soph, junior varsity and varsity, you can compete at your own pace.

“The water polo and swim team at Northwood have had a big impact on my experience at Northwood,” sophomore Jane Thorpe said. “The coaches were so welcoming and fun at the summer camp, and it was such a fun experience with such a fun team. It’s been one of the best parts of high school, even through the hard workouts and even harder losses.”

You can also find your community and a creative outlet through art electives. For example, students in the theater program spend the year producing several musicals, either performing in the spotlight or designing and managing the set behind the scenes.

“Being part of Northwood theatre has been a life-changing experience where I’ve made such close friendships that have heightened my experience at Northwood,” junior Nikki De La Roca said. “I definitely recommend theatre as a place to make friends and learn the ability to empathize with others and their experience.”

Another way to explore the arts is with Northwood’s six-time Grammy Signature School-winning music program by joining orchestra, band or a vocal elective. Showcase your musical talent to represent our school at football games and rallies in marching band, or dance alongside in color guard or pep squad.

“While I initially hadn’t planned to do choir for all four years, I loved it so much that I decided to stick with it,” senior Rachel Rubin said. “Choir is like one big family, where everyone bonds over the music and each other.”

Apart from classes, Northwood has over 200 clubs meeting during lunch or after school that explore niche interests with like-minded individuals. Northwood clubs cover a variety of topics relating to pop culture, cultural representation, advocacy, art and academics. Try different clubs out and see what is best for you.

“As a member of the ASL club, I’ve had a lot of fun with other members who care about ASL like me,” junior Hunter Welch said. “You get to experience a different culture and environment with others who are really passionate about the same thing.”

Now open your eyes. You’ve made it. Welcome. Your next four years are an opportunity to learn, grow and make mistakes. Experiment, find your passions and cultivate them with all Northwood has to offer. We can’t wait to see what you make out of your high school experience.

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