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Snazzy sports shoes: A look at Northwood sports

Sophia Ho
JUST FOR KICKS: Student athletes run, dance, and swim in a vibrant variety of footgear.


These finlike accessories are used by swimmers for faster sets because it requires them to use their legs and build strength, getting better form. They can be paired with a variety of accessories depending on the swimmer, an example being fin grips to attach the flippers to the foot more securely. 

Volleyball sneakers

Although volleyball sneakers exist on the market, most Northwood volleyball players choose a regular pair of basketball shoes due to their grip and aesthetic. Because gym floors are slippery, friction between the shoe and the floor is needed to allow the player their full range of motion. Players choose to accessorize and customize with fun color choices and laces, such as lacing their right shoe with a pink shoelace for good luck.

“I got pink shoes to support my aunt Amy who is a breast cancer survivor,” varsity senior Noah Gray said.

Pointe shoes 

Contrary to popular belief, these pretty satin shoes aren’t made of blocks of wood. When you see a dancer float across the stage en pointe or on the very tips of their toes, they’re balancing on a hard box usually made from layers of cardboard, fabric and glue. Northwood dancers will usually dance en pointe for performances and “break in” these $100 shoes to make them more comfortable. This process is personalized for each dancer and may involve crushing the pointe shoes under their feet or literally ripping out half of the sole of the shoe. 

“If the shoe still doesn’t fit right after I move around a bit in them, I bang them on the wall or crack the wings or sole so that the arch of my foot will fit better,” Dance Theatre sophomore Emily Hill said. 

Soccer cleats

These sleek, streamlined sneakers’ distinctive feature is the studs protruding from the bottom of the sole, designed to sink into the softer grass, mud or field turf. They give the soccer player traction to be able to quickly move  on these surfaces, reducing the risks of slipping and injury.  These shoelaces, which are longer than regular sneaker laces, can be customized to secure the shoe to the player’s liking, such as by wrapping them around the top of the boot several times before knotting.

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