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Ways to make the most of your minimum days

Andrew Le
MEMORABLE MINIMUM DAYS: Freshman Siyavash Khaghani, Junior Ameer Ahmed, Junior Isaiah Walker and Junior Micheal Tran discuss their afternoon plans.

With conference week underway, Northwood students might have a lot more time on their hands thanks to the minimum days. In reality, the extra hours can easily slip by. For those who want to make the most out of their minimum days, here are a few tips on how to spend the extra hours to the fullest. 

Explore the city with Irvine CONNECT

Who said you needed a car to go to Spectrum? Irvine CONNECT is a free shuttle service that provides transportation to various locations in Irvine. Take your friends and hop on the shuttle to go anywhere you want, free of charge. Popular destinations include the Heritage Library, Northwood Community Park and the Woodbridge Center. For more information about Irvine Connect, including bus routes and operating hours, visit

Study in new places

Minimum days are a great opportunity to catch up on missing assignments or prepare for AP exams. Instead of cramming away in your room, try studying in different environments. Experiment with different cafes. Study outside. Changing locations can not only reset your mind to focus, but also give you a sense of excitement while still being productive. A change in scenery will add some flavor to a typically redundant after-school routine.

“I usually go to either Heritage Park Library or Mugs by Zion. Everybody else there is trying to get work done, and it puts you in a mode of focus on whatever you’re doing,” junior Kyara Estrella said. “It’s usually a calm and quiet space, so it’s a lot easier to focus on whatever task you have to get done.”

Get organized (please)

Sometimes we have to take the time to literally clear things out of the way. The extra hours are a great time to organize the disarray of notes that have piled up in your binder for the past year. With finals approaching in a few weeks, re-organizing your notes lightens your load and serves as a great review. 

Bike, hike or take a walk 

Irvine is well-known for its bike and hiking trails. As spring is in full bloom, it is a great time to remind ourselves that a beautiful season is blossoming beyond the daily dose of papers and projects. Look for wildflowers and baby animals that are popping up around the neighborhood. For those who are more adventurous, explore these hiking trails with your friends or family. 

Visit your elementary and middle school teachers

Sometimes it is nice to circle back to where everything started. Drop by your old classes to say hello to the teachers you adored. They will much appreciate the visit and will love to hear about your high school experience. 

“I try whenever I have a minimum day to just kind of stop by either my elementary or middle school,” junior Sailor Kensrue said. “Specifically, I had Miss Luego in Sierra Vista as my advisement, so I’m going to try visit her this week.”

*Please check your school’s visitor guidelines and schedule before visiting.* 

Spend time with your loved ones 

This suggestion may sound cliche, but it is important to spend time with your friends and family. Whether it be whipping up some grilled cheese recipes, visiting a local gallery or trying out different cafes, spending quality time with your loved ones allows you to de-stress. For graduating seniors, you might only have a few months left with your friends and family. After weeks of tests, stress and applications, make the most out of your free time with those you love.

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