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Grilled Cheese Recipes: A gouda time is just across your kitchen

Rikkie Gunawan
NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE DAY: With brand new recipes and fusions, the five grilled cheese rulers will forever reign supreme over the Sandwich Kingdom.

Forever engraved in an angelic halo of light, the classic grilled cheese has long been hailed as the king of all sandwiches. Filled with gooey delight and wonder, his kingdom has grown too large to be ruled alone. With his new recipe book, made for National Grilled Cheese Day, he has designed glorious grilled cheese officials to help rule his kingdom: a queen, prince, knight and baron. 

The Classic King

As the first ever grilled cheese to exist, the Classic King is the epitome of what his new grilled cheese comrades should be. With only bread, cheese and butter, he is the embodiment of class and simplicity, consisting of two slices of butter-coated bread and your favorite type of cheese in between. 

As he is cooked on a skillet over medium-low heat, flip him over to continue grilling him until he is covered in illustrious melted cheese. Once he’s golden brown, his light will shine across the kingdom, bestowing his brilliance upon the land. 

The Grilled Cheese Queen’s Waffle Crown

Who says you can’t have grilled cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner? This queen is perfect for any meal. 

With two pieces of bread covered in your choice of butter, her elegance will forever transcend your heart and sandwich cravings. By adding your favorite type of cheese inside, she’ll always cook to perfection inside a waffle iron, becoming a crunchy yet timeless masterpiece filled with melted cheese.  

The Grilled Cheese Pepperoni Prince

This prince, a combination of grilled cheese and pizza, is the perfect fusion between two popular lunches. Slathered with butter and mixed with parmesan, garlic and parsley, add a pinch of salt and pepper to conjure the perfect role model for flavor and fun.

After being filled with three slices of mozzarella and six slices of pepperoni between two pieces of bread, he’ll cook in a skillet for three to four minutes over medium-low heat. Sprinkled with salt at the end, he’s what really puts the pizzazz and sparkle in this kingdom.

The Kimchi Grilled Cheese Knight

This knight packs a real punch, so it’s no wonder no foe is brave enough to conquer the Sandwich Kingdom. With killer fighting moves, his armor is made out of two slices of bread covered in one-half tablespoon of mayonnaise. 

While cooking in a skillet over medium-low heat, his mozzarella interior will melt as he trains, becoming a glorious sight for all.

The secret to his impressive skills? His kimchi chainmail topped on the melted cheese adds an unbelievable kick to his fighter spirit. 

As he presses a spatula on his armor to further his training, he’ll cook for two to four minutes before deciding that he’s more than prepared to be this kingdom’s knight in shining armor. 

The Birria Grilled Cheese Baron

Have five and a half hours to spare? This grilled cheese is proof that all good things take time. 

To start his stellar day, he bulks up his meaty build, creating a paste out of charred ancho and guajillo chili, along with garlic cloves. Adding this paste with oil to his short ribs, he’ll season himself with salt, pepper and garlic powder before searing the beef in a Dutch oven. 

After turning brown, he’ll add more chili paste, beef broth and seasoning, proceeding to simmer in the oven for 3.5-4.5 hours until tender. 

However, to really complete his dazzling look, he lounges in a skillet over medium heat, with shredded cheese and birria in between two slices of bread. Topped with chopped red onions and cilantro at the end, he’ll occasionally dip himself into a bowl of consommé, a soup with shredded meat, vegetables and more.

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Rikkie Gunawan
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