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January/February 2024 Centerspread

Adoring Arrangements: How to spell out your love with the language of flowers

As the season of love blossoms and romance is in full bloom, everyone is looking to be shown some love this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re struggling to find the words to convey your budding appreciation for your loved ones, why not let flowers do the hard work? With a different meaning for every species and colors, there’s a perfect flower out there to show how much you care.

For family

Carnations, known as the official Mother’s Day flower, are the perfect gift for any mother figure in your life. These beautiful blooms feature delicate ruffled petals that are sure to win her over, but despite their appearance, are hardy and long-lasting, so don’t worry about them wilting. While generally symbolizing love and gratitude, a pink carnation specifically represents a mother’s love, whereas a white carnation represents pure, unconditional love and good luck. 

Men receiving flowers has long been neglected, so why not break the cycle by gifting some to the father figure in your life? The official flower for Father’s Day is the classic red rose, traditionally worn to show appreciation, but an arrangement for the dinner table will display how much your love has blossomed. If you want to go the extra mile, look into hunting down the hybrid tea rose appropriately named “Father’s Love,” which features a dark red hue and densely packed petals.

Even if you quarrel with your siblings, take this Valentine’s Day to remind them of your love. Aster flowers have long been associated with sibling love because they represent devotion and patience. Named after the Greek goddess Astraea, the flower is said to have transformed from tears falling to the earth, which bloomed in honor of the love the goddess had for her siblings. Although your tears may not form flowers, these are sure to show your bond as siblings.

For friends

Yellow flowers, including roses and sunflowers, are the quintessential friendship flower, as they symbolize friendship and happiness. Seen as a sign of hope, positivity, strong bonds and lasting happiness, sunflowers are an amazing way to show your friends they’re the light in your life. The flowers are sure to brighten up even the dispositions of your sunniest friends, so be sure to not neglect how important platonic relationships are and shower your besties with love.

If yellow isn’t quite your style, the zinnia, or the “thinking of you” flower, is another iris-istible option. They often represent thoughts of friends, but other interpretations of the flower include endurance, daily remembrance, goodness and lasting affection.

For teachers

You might think ‘Who would give flowers to their teacher?’ but everyone appreciates a little extra effort. Dahlias symbolize creativity, positivity and growth. They also represent inner strength, likely due to the plant’s ability to tolerate harsh conditions, qualities you’ll likely find in every great teacher. If apples have become too cliché, these flowers would make a wonderful present to symbolize your appreciation.

Other great options would be any type of purple flowers, like a purple orchid, which generally represent admiration and respect. Often sold in pots, the purple orchid is a long lasting flower that will breathe new life into your teachers’ classroom décor.

For a lover

Red roses may be the universal symbol of true love, but if you’re looking for a less traditional option, try lilacs, which have a wide variety of colors sure to impress your beau. Magenta lilacs represent love and passion and are the most romantic color of the bloom, while blue lilacs symbolize tranquility and happiness. Symbolizing first love is the light purple lilac, which is the most popular color, and a surefire way to make sure they’re head clover heels for you.

Another great choice are camellias, which generally symbolize love, affection and admiration. Camellias come in red, pink and white, which paired with their mesmerizing petal pattern make for the perfect Valentine’s bouquet. No matter which flower you choose, what’s most important is that they know you’re wild(flower) about them.

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