Volunteering for Victory


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The Volunteering for Victory drive brought together clubs from all walks of campus to collaborate towards a greater cause.

Mihir Kulkarni, News Editor

Northwood’s California Scholarship Federation (CSF) club was announced as the winner of the Volunteering for Victory initiative, a donation drive organized by Student Forum that aimed to collect sanitary supplies and letters to give to Martin Luther King Community Hospital.

Through this initiative, members from CSF, Hearts to Heroes, UNICEF and Key club  donated over 250 items such as hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes and toilet paper, as well as handwritten letters to patients. The donated items from each club were pooled together to create care packages for hospital patients. At the drive’s conclusion, CSF emerged as the winner with the highest number of items donated.

“I am incredibly proud of our club members for stepping up to the task and fully delivering,” CSF junior representative Avery Liu said.

Although local COVID-19 cases continue to decline, healthcare workers remain in high demand, and many hospitals are still in need of supplies and personal protective equipment. By participating in this drive, clubs hoped to engage the Northwood community to help give back to those in need.

“I think it’s important to support others, especially during times of isolation,” UNICEF club president junior Kaitlin To said. “Sanitary items like the ones we donated get used up really quickly at facilities like this hospital, and it felt great knowing that they will be able to put them to good use.”

The winning club of the drive received a $40 Lollicup gift card for their efforts. Despite the difficulty of coordinating events due to a pandemic-ravaged year, Northwood’s clubs are persevering in their efforts to make their community a better place and will continue their mission in the coming school year.