Northwood High’s Pocketbook Insider Guide

Anna Lim, Junk Editor

From clueless freshmen to even more clueless seniors, students have all faced the horrors of not knowing what’s going on in school (I blame the newspaper for the lack of awareness?) To keep you sharp and in the loop, here’s an updated dictionary of Northwood’s top insider knowledge and jokes. 

Anchors: If anchors sink your grade, capstones will utterly capsize your grade, so good luck to incoming freshmen and sophomores!

Bathrooms: Placed too far away for lazy people to walk, but too close for other lazy people to escape class. 

Bengo: Bingo parlors are not just for grannies, as Northwood’s very own music department was once turned into a bingo craze centered around the face of a man named Ben Case. Students everywhere were found ticking off each of his iconic catchphrases of the day to win. 

JAJAJA: Spanish students would know that the proper translation of “hahaha” in English to Spanish is “jajaja.” In any given Spanish classroom, don’t be disrespectful. You must laugh in the Spanish language. Next time you’re with a Spanish-speaking friend, be sure to laugh out as “jajajaja.”

Portola, Our opinion of: [This comment has been erased by Portola High School Administration]

White, silver, navy blue: These are statistically proven to be the only words students know from the alma mater.