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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Art after high school

While most of the nation is in the midst of a festive holiday season, many students are pressed with a more stressful issue: college applications. Out of the thousands of institutions of higher education that seniors can choose from, however, not many seniors consider pursuing

CAN’t stop the holiday spirit this season

Students donated a total of 11,750 items during Northwood’s annual Canned Food Drive from Nov. 14-22, the week before Thanksgiving Break. “All of this food goes to less fortunate families to help make the holidays easier,” ASB Community Representative and senior Gabby DellaMaggiore said. “My

Sawdust isn’t just for lumberjacks

The Sawdust Art and Festival is home to wonderful pieces of artworks, none of which, sadly, are made of sawdust. Instead, it is an art festival held between June 3 to Sept 30  and every weekend between Nov. 19 through Dec. 18. Established in 1965,

Post-Thanksgiving dinner thoughts

Oh my god, I ate so much. Why did I eat so much? What was I thinking? I lost ten pounds before Thanksgiving just so I could experience this kind of pain? I’m never going to eat again. I’m just going to roll everywhere for