Ridiculous October observances

Matthew Dimaandal and Lana Hwang

We’ve all heard of at least one obscure holiday that makes us go “huh?”: National Michigan Day, Penguin Awareness Day, World Quark Day. October has its own fair share of interesting observances.

Nicole Curtis

National Hermit Day on Oct. 29 celebrates the people who willingly isolate themselves from society— the ones who would rather be alone with no social interaction and not stress over the daily obstacles of life. It’s as easy as turning off your phone, finding a secluded place and taking time to just be alone. Just don’t use it as a reason to procrastinate from the homework due tonight at 11:59 p.m.


Spinach Lover’s Month in October spotlights that leafy green in foods like salad and herbal medicines that get stuck in between your teeth. Some celebrate it by making recipes containing spinach, but most have probably never known that Spinach Lover’s Month exists, or never really thought of spinach as important enough to dedicate an entire month to commemorate it.

Squirrel Awareness Month has an interesting origin story. It all began in 1955, when Greg Bassett claimed he had his life changed as he noticed a squirrel standing near him and “motioning” at him at the Grand Canyon. When he returned to his home in Chicago, he began the Squirrel Lovers Club, which eventually created Squirrel Awareness Month as well as Squirrel Appreciation day in January. Go outside to find and observe a cute squirrel, or look up videos of squirrels’ amusing behavior to acknowledge this month.

Created by the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, Ontario Can ada, National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day encourages time to clean the mess of a desktop you’ve made over the years.

With everything being online, having space that is well organized and a computer that’s fast is essential. So why not do it on every third Monday of October? It’s not like the files of homework PDFs from three years ago is going to speed up your computer.

With so many random observances throughout the month, it may leave you to wonder why there are so many. It’s simply because people love things enough to make a day out of it. It creates a way for people to come together for things they care about and that’s really what the spirit of holidays are.

Even if it’s unlikely to create your own official holiday, it’s not impossible. Choose a specific date, spread the word among your friends and try to get as many people as possible to participate. There are an infinite number of things to celebrate, so go out there, see what makes you happy and create your own observance!