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What your favorite romance trope says about you

Rikkie Gunawan
TANTALIZING TROPES: Today’s popular romance tropes have become incredibly concerning, so I am begging the reader to re-evaluate their reading selections.

Since you’re probably still single for the 16th year in a row (stop saying you’re in a relationship with fictional characters) and went another year without a Valentine, your gift is an explanation of the (probably accurate) psychology behind five popular romance tropes. From fake dating to mafia boss, here’s what your beloved romance trope says about you:

  1. Friends to lovers

You have a healthy perception of love. Friends to lovers stories promote the idea that a strong platonic relationship is the foundation of a strong romantic relationship. 

It’s great that you understand the importance of getting to know someone for who they are before falling in love, rather than relying on someone’s looks from a love-at-first-sight moment. 

  1. Right person, wrong time

It seems like you’re projecting your heartbreak. Instead of romanticizing “star-crossed lovers,” maybe it’s time to just address the root of the problem: your inability to move on from that last hallway crush that was not, in fact, the right person. It was the wrong person, at the wrong time. 

Wipe your tears, get out of bed and move on already. It’s been three months, and making eye contact on the 1100s stairway does not equate to destiny.

  1. Arranged marriage/marriage of convenience 

Your fear of rejection is sabotaging your love life: you would prefer being forced into a full-blown marriage with someone under the premise that you hate each other, then conveniently fall in love with them. Wouldn’t it be simpler to just say “I like you” to your crush?  

  1. Enemies to lovers (includes cleaning the wound) 

Okay, let me guess: you confuse insults with endearment and romanticize stories where the main character falls in love with the first person who meets the bare minimum (i.e., bandaging your wound when you’re bleeding out). 

Disguising bullying as flirting is so 2017. Don’t settle for someone who stole your pencil case and forces you to chase someone across the school to get it back. 

Mature people flirt by being respectful human beings and charming others with handy dandy charisma. You deserve someone who believes in the importance of chivalry.

  1. Murderous Mafia boss and Yandere

Instead of scrolling on A03 at 3 a.m. and giggling at these fictional morally gray Mafia bosses when you have three exams tomorrow… have you ever considered…leaving your room and actually touching grass for once? 

Murderers. Are. Not. Marriage. Material. This rule applies to anyone who wants to hurt or threaten you or others. You should be creating a “romance” story, not a “crime” story. 

No, you still can’t date them if they hated you at first, and then fell in love with you while actively trying to kill you. There are no exceptions to the rule! Let’s go into 2024 with some self-respect and dignity.

Ditch the stories with toxic romance tropes. Read our article about Fictional couples to learn from.

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Kaylie Wang
Kaylie Wang, Accent Editor
Kaylie Wang is this year's Accent Editor. She is a senior and has succeeded at winning the top prizes from spinning wheels three times. Some of her hobbies include making pottery, laughing at The Good Place or being infuriated by Gilmore Girls. Her favorite articles to write are feature stories.
Rikkie Gunawan
Rikkie Gunawan, Centerspread Editor
Rikkie is the Centerspread Editor of The Northwood Howler and on a mission to turn the newspaper into a magazine (kidding!). They’re always drawing in the margins of papers, but also love to read and try creative writing when they get the chance. At any given moment, they’re thinking about what to wear next for their outfit account.

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