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ROP Classes: Exploring and Experiencing Unique Careers

Andrew Le
LEARNING HANDS-ON: Senior Justin Sanders practices repairs and adjustments to the car in his Automotive Technology ROP class.

College isn’t the only path after graduating; there are many more pathways, some of which can help you start earning money straight after high school. Northwood provides opportunities for students to explore these alternate pathways through the Regional Occupational Program, better known as ROP, which are semester-long courses designed for students to gain expertise in a particular field through interactive projects and observation rather than traditional learning from textbooks and tests. Here are a few of the ROP classes that Northwood offers: 

Introduction to Automotive Technology

Through this course, students learn how engines and systems function and how to maintain cars, parts, replace tires and perform basic mechanic repairs. The course features projects that allow students to gain hands-on experience in the field, like rebuilding a V8 engine from old cars or repairing their own car. Many students taking this course are interested in becoming mechanics after graduation or are simply fascinated by the intricacies of cars.  

“I’ve always been a car guy, and now that I have the chance to take a class about working on cars, it allows me to get more involved in the scene and jobs related to cars,” senior Justin Sanders said. “ROP classes gave me a chance to access classes that aren’t offered at Northwood and the ability to try new hands-on things without punishment.” 

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

In this virtual course, students learn about the application of AI in real world situations to benefit society by solving real world problems. The main objective of the class is to learn how to use teachable machine algorithms that are developed with Python code to implement solutions to issues such as famine and pollution. 

“AI is a growing field and it will eventually take over our daily lives,” junior Shivali Shrivastava said. “It’s something that’s always talked about but I’ve never truly understood how important it is and the impact it can have until I took this ROP.” 

Administration of Justice

In this course, students are introduced to the world of crime and justice through crime scene simulation investigations and opportunities to shadow real investigators in the field. It provides a pathway for students to pursue a career in crime scene analysis with opportunities to network in the field by meeting experts.

“Because of this class, I got a better understanding of how a career in crime scene investigation would look, not only in terms of the actual job but also in terms of pay and qualifications,” senior Saadhvi Ramkumar said. “It also helped connect me to other students with similar interests to mine.”

Emergency Medical Technician 

This ROP gives students exposure to a variety of emergency medical procedures like administering oxygen, handling emergency births and gaining CPR licenses. Students are taught essential skills required for this profession by using medical emergency equipment while also understanding ethics within this subfield of medicine. 

“This ROP will make students comfortable and confident in medical emergency situations, and if they are aspiring to go deeper into medicine, it is a great opportunity for clinical hours,” senior Aditi Krishnan said. “It taught me to not be so narrow-minded about what I wanted to do in the medical field, and told me to keep my options open.”


ROP registration for the fall semester of the new school year began the week of March 11 based on grade level. More information is available through the ROP coordinator, Jennifer Stead, available in the College and Career Center and your class Canvas page.

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