First NHS Faculty Play


Grant Dickerson

BEHIND THE SCENES: The teachers rehearse for the upcoming play.

Dylan Yee, Staff Writer

For the first time ever in Northwood history, the Black Box will be repurposed into a proper theater, complete with scenes and props. On Nov. 7-9, the Northwood Drama program will show “Rabbit Hole,” a play featuring not only the drama program, but also Northwood teachers.

A Pulitzer Prize-winning drama by “Shrek” musical writer David Lindsay-Abaire, the play follows Becca (Brooke Leys) and Howie (Ian Roettger) in the aftermath of losing their 4-year-old son Danny (John Pendergrast), in a tragic car accident. Joining them in their grief are Becca’s mother, Nat (Marina Alburger), and sister, Izzy (Jillary Gordon). Jason Willette (Jerry Chen) rounds out the ensemble, the driver of the car that killed Danny. Incorporating teachers was inspired by a Claremont High School production a few years ago that included the school board superintendent.

“When you think about it, teachers are very much like actors because they have to perform every day,” drama teacher Danyelle Bossardet said. “They memorize lesson plans, so the jump from classroom to script is not a difficult one.”

When the interest survey for the faculty play was released last year, 25 teachers responded saying they were interested. For Bossardet, it has been an invigorating experience to interact with her colleagues outside the classroom.

“I’ve always wanted to direct this show and it has been an amazing experience,” Bossardet said. “This has been everything I had hoped for and more.”

The Black Box has not been used for its intended drama purpose. Technical Theater students built props and sets, repurposing the Black Box into a proper 82-seat theater ideal for intimate pieces such as “Rabbit Hole.”

“The staff has been working ridiculously hard to make this a show that will touch the hearts of everyone in the audience,” senior Rachel McMullen said. “I know every single person in this production would love to see their students and friends in the audience.”

The collaborative effort was also inspired by this year’s State of the Student theme #BetterTogether.

“I wanted to focus on community with the theater program this year,” Bossardet said. “Our desire to help and volunteer in the community made this feel like the right opportunity to do this.”