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The Student News Site of Northwood High School

The Northwood Howler

The Student News Site of Northwood High School

The Northwood Howler

Northwood wins big at the NHD OC competition, sending 18 entries to state


Raelle Tiong – Individual Documentary – “Beyond the Brain: Psychoanalysis, a Turning Point in Mental Health”

Moksha Kolli and Ritieka Kumar – Group Documentary – “A Harmonic Turning Point: How Charles Mingus Struck a Chord and Irreversibly Intertwined Music and Politics”

Audrey Nguyen – Individual Exhibit – “The Tet Offensive in the Living Room: A Turning Point in Public Opinion

Lauren Low and Alexis Low – Group Exhibit – “Operation Paperclip: German Collaboration Turning Tides in the Space Race”

Sofia Jackson, Kelli Toshima, and Caitlyn Ko – Group Exhibit – “A Step Outside Her Box: How Barbie Marked a Turning Point in Gender Expectations for Women in the Workforce”

Susan Kim – Individual Performance – “Lee Han Yeol and the June Democratic Struggle: A Turning Point in South Korea’s Democratization”

Rose Chhabria – Individual Performance – “From Segregation to Integration: Brown v. Board and the Turning Tides of Justice”

Niharika Mahesh and Emily Yokota – Group Performance – “Pixels to Realms: The Pivotal Game-Changer in the Digital Era”

Leanna Lo – Individual Podcast – “Currents of Connectivity: Transistors and the Technological Turning Tide”

Megan Liu – Individual Podcast – “Golden Arches, Golden Opportunity: How McDonald’s Revolutionized the Fast Food Industry”

Miles Leung and Alex Li – Group Podcast – “The Metamorphosis of Japan”

Nagyung (Anna) Cho – Individual Website – “More Than a Mental Illness: Leo Kanner’s Turning Perspective on Infantile Autism”

Saerin Hwang and Erin Hwang – Group Website – “The Influence of the Mind: How Edward Bernays Used Inner Workings of Psychology to Shape the World of Public Relations”

Anna Cao and Gigi Cai – Group Website – “Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Plan: The Turning Point Towards America’s Prosperity”


Jennica Alixes – Individual Exhibit – “Maria Montessori: The Turning Point of a Child’s World”

Shaurya Yerapotini and Justin Su – Group Podcast – “The Pivotal Discoveries of John Snow: Overlooked Research that Saved Millions”

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