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Howler hot-takes on teen relationships

Ashley Wang
LOVE ON THE BRAIN: Bold teen relationship hot takes you need to hear

1. When do you end the situationship?

A Tinder survey concluded that Gen Z is drawn towards situationships because they allow for a relationship to develop without the pressure of a label. Though the lack of pressure may be enticing, when a situationship ends up being six or more months and both parties still have no interest in a relationship, the situationship should end.

2. Homie hopping?

No. There are too many emotions. It is not true love; you are just lonely and need someone that reminds you of your ex. If you pursue this relationship, you are potentially ruining future relationships between the people in that group of friends and that might lead to a domino effect later down the road. 

3. Is long distance worth it?

Long-distance relationships do work. Psychologists even suggest that since long distance requires more intentional communication, it can build a stronger relationship in the future. However, it’s only worth it if there is a plan to reduce that distance in the future and if both individuals establish clear expectations for the relationship.

4. Should you look outside of school?

Date outside!! If you date within Northwood and break up, you’re bound to continue running into your ex, especially if you share classes with them. Dating outside of Northwood requires you to make an effort to meet up, thus showing true commitment to the other person.

5. Should you stay friends with your ex?

At first, no. You should go no contact for at least a month so no awkwardness remains and there will be no chance for you guys to get back together. When in doubt, live by the words of Childish Gambino in “Heartbeat:” “that’s why we broke up in the first place.” But after you lose those lingering feelings, test the waters and see where you guys are at. Prepare for the fact that you won’t be as close as you used to be, but it’s for good reason since you need to keep the peace between you. 

6. If your grades don’t touch, should there even be a relationship?

Maybe not! <3 Between a senior and a freshman, there is a vast difference in the level of maturity, so we would advise against a high school relationship with a large age gap.

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Rhea Gupta, Viewpoint Editor
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Ashley Wang is a photographer for The Howler. They enjoy poetry and watching Luca Guadagnino films at midnight. They have blue hair and pronouns.

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