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Tackling the debate between club sports and school sports

TRAVEL BALL BUILDS TEAMS: Softball player freshman Katerinna Rizos prefers club softball because of the years long bonds. (Neil Godse)



I love both club and school softball, but I do prefer club softball. I have known my teammates for years and due to the fact that travel is year round, I have been able to build a bond with them between weekly practices, games and yearly out-of-state tournaments.

         — Katerinna Rizos, softball (9)




BORN TO PLAY: Soccer player sophomore Ethan Han sees a future in club soccer. (Neil Godse)




High school soccer allows me to have more freedom and express myself with creativity. Club allows for development and a goal to go to the next level but it provides a very competitive aspect. If I wanted to play with a carefree attitude it would be high school, but to have it as a future career it would be club.

                 — Ethan Han, soccer (10)              



SCHOOL SOCCER SKILLS: Soccer player junior Meridian Santos love playing for the school because it’s where she build the strongest relationships. (Neil Godse)




I honestly prefer school soccer because it’s a lot less stressful when it comes to just wanting to play. I think there’s a lot more of a relationship with the teammates because we’re all friends outside of soccer and see each other outside of school so we’re able to form a connection that makes it easier to play.

        — Meridian Santos, soccer (11)


WRESTLING FAMILY: David Grannis-Vu sees school sports and brotherhood as one and the same.



I prefer school sports because my team becomes less of a collection of teammates and more of a brotherhood. We see each other all day everyday in classes and then during training. On top of that, school spirit adds a level of unity which you just don’t get at a club team.

        — David Grannis-Vu, wrestling (12)

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Sienna Hidalgo
Sienna Hidalgo, Staff Writer
Sienna is a staff writer for The Northwood Howler and also a hedgehog enthusiast. In her limited free time, she loves to waste away the hours with a hook in one hand and yarn in the other, crocheting as if her life depended on it. When she’s not aggressively crocheting, she’s either reading, napping, or jumping over hurdles for fun.
Neil Godse
Neil Godse, Photographer
Neil Godse is a Photographer and Junior at Northwood. He used to love aviation, traveling, and youtube - until junior year happened. Now you can see him doing Physics homework, and in his 13 seconds of break time, he is mindlessly scrolling through reels until the time is just right to start work again (12:00 AM sharp). If it wasn’t obvious already, he loves taking photos, and can be seen stalking people around the school (only for Howler of course).

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