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Northwood teachers summon their Patronus

Abby Warnock
EXPECTO PATRONUM!: Teachers reveal their personal spirit guardians.

The “Harry Potter” series tells an evergreen tale of enchanting wizardry, friendship and imagination. One of the most famous spells from the novels is the Patronus spell, which summons an animal correlated to the beholder to protect them. We asked a few teachers around Northwood what they think their Patronus would be. 


Jennifer Guy

“If I could choose one animal to fight by my side, it would be a dog. Dogs are close to my heart. Dogs are fun and loyal, and always want to be helpful. I think all of those are great qualities to have by your side. Have you read ‘Where a Red Fern Grows?’ How would you not want those dogs just fighting lions for you?”

Cameron Wroe

“If I was going to have an animal fight next to me, it’d be a real fierce, sea-faring ship’s rat. Rats are real smart; they can get anywhere. Give me a task, my rat and I could handle it. But I’d have to have a very clear remuneration process to make sure that the rat is invested in my life. I don’t know if I’m alpha enough to have the rat work for me.”

Esther Lee

“I would choose a tiger for my Patronus. A tiger is ferocious. I heard that if you put a tiger and a lion to fight each other, the tiger would win, so I’m confident that a tiger would protect me. And it’s also a type of cat. Cats are very social but they also like their alone time. They like to cuddle with people they’re comfortable with, and they hide when they are in pain. They’re very relatable.” 

Zane Pang

“I would choose a cow because I have a strong affinity with cows. If you don’t know, I went to UC Davis, where we are known for our cows. Cows are strong, tough animals that I think have the ability to defend me against dementors. They’re also gentle most of the time, and I think I can be gentle and kind from time to time. But they can also be defensive and strong-willed, so I think that also represents me.”

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Amy Jeon, Staff Writer
Amy Jeon is a junior staff writer for The Northwood Howler, who spends almost all of her time unhealthily relying on oat milk matcha for sustenance, fangirling over classic literature and daydreaming just about anything and everything. Ask her for book recommendations and you will likely get an essay.
Abby Warnock, Graphic Artist
Abby Warnock spends her seventh periods doodling for The Howler as a graphic artist. After seventh, you'll probably find her sitting in her car waiting for an opportunity to escape the chaotic parking lot. At all other times, she's either making the yearbook, running ASL Club, or enthusing about her love for geology–don't take her puns for granite.

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