Sprinting into season: Welcome Coach Nobles!


Sondos Elbershawi

TIME-OUT: Coach Nobles provides advice to his athletes to help foster a successful season.

When you live and breathe sports, it’s only natural to pass on your love for athletics. Coach Paige Nobles, the head football coach for the Northwood Timberwolves, is eager to begin his time as a T-wolf and help his new players learn and grow. Nobles sat down with the Howler to discuss his background, reasons for coaching at Northwood and his goals for the season.

Dylan Yee: Where did you work before coming to Northwood?

Paige Nobles: I was a football coach at Laguna Beach High School for eight years before coming to Northwood.

DY: What is your favorite part about coaching football?

PN: My favorite part is watching them grow not only as football players, but as people. As a coach, I get to see them mentally grow, physically grow, mature and excel. The greatest accomplishment a football coach can get is when a former player come back and say “Hey, what you taught me in the football field, I used those in real life. Thanks for being tough on me.” Any coach should strive for that.

DY: What are your goals for the season?

PN: They are just like any other coach, I want to win, and I want to succeed. No matter what the score is, if it’s double zeroes or we’re not ahead, as long as we play at our top level and we can go home, look in the mirror and say we gave 100 percent, that’s a win. However, we still want to win.

DY: Why did you start coaching football?

PN: I played football in high school, college, and professionally. I felt that so much has been given to me, and I need to give back to our student athletes. It is something I have always wanted to do. Even as a player, I’ve always been that coach-kid.

DY: What teams did you play for beyond high school?

PN: I played for Arizona State University and I played for the Los Angeles Rams. I made it to the final cut until a knee injury forced me to quit. For baseball, I played for the minor league division with the Chicago White Sox and the Diamondback organization. You could say sports has been in my blood ever since I could talk.

DY: What is your favorite thing about this year’s football players?

PN: Our players are definitely determined and some of the brightest kids. They are exceptional athletes and also have the tenacity and dedication to get to the next level. I would say we are pretty stacked, and we can build a pretty nice dynasty this year.

DY: What is one of your pet peeves about coaching?

PN: One of my biggest pet peeves is probably when athletes don’t pay attention. Football is a lot of reaction, and if you’re not paying attention, you could get you or your teammates hurt. I always say that God gave you two ears and one mouth so you need to listen twice as hard. The game is always changing every time you get on the football field. A play we did yesterday may change today, and if you’re talking and not paying attention, you could get hurt.