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Quick Halloween fits

Madeleine Pham
TUESDAY-WEEN: Even on a school day, the spookiness is unstoppable.

For Northwood students scrambling to find creative costumes while studying for a myriad of upcoming exams, here are some quick, cheap at-home costume ideas that will be on theme with the spooky (and academic) season. 


Math Teacher

This subject is generally feared, and therefore a perfect fit for causing mass terror. Search for a flannel or collared shirt, preferably in plaid or a shade of blue. Pair this with a pair of beige slacks and the classic TI-81 calculator. If you have a tablet, download the iconic OneNote app and pull up some math equations. In order to keep things realistic, remember to go around telling students extra credit is not an option in your class. 


Julius Caesar 

This low-effort, minimal costume can be made with something as comfortable and accessible as your own bedsheets! With the help of a couple safety pins, proudly enrobe yourself in the Roman tunic, otherwise known as a chiton, and find a laurel wreath to bestow upon your head in remembrance of this famous Roman ruler. To pay homage to Caesar’s tragic downfall, don’t forget to add a few splotches of red paint to your tunic, possibly the color of betrayal from your fellow senators. 


Founding Father

In an act of selfless patriotism, make a statement this Halloween by dressing as a founding father! Take a pick out of a myriad of American Revolutionary heroes such as President George Washington, Alexander Hamilton or the father of the Constitution, James Madison. You can create a wig with white paper and wear a simple suit to master this look flawlessly. Immerse yourself into your character by chanting “No taxation without representation!” 


Tertiary Level Protein

Complex protein structures invoke dread in every AP Biology student, and this three-dimensional macromolecule is no different. Grab a couple of your fellow AP Biology friends to spread this sense of despair! Find a white outfit and draw crazy squiggles and lines with colorful markers to recreate alpha helices and beta pleated sheets. Pasting a couple of slinkies to your costume might help. Upon coming together as a group, this costume will provide a brilliant visual example of tertiary protein folding.

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Amy Jeon is a junior staff writer for The Northwood Howler, who spends almost all of her time unhealthily relying on oat milk matcha for sustenance, fangirling over classic literature and daydreaming just about anything and everything. Ask her for book recommendations and you will likely get an essay.
Madeleine Pham, Graphic Editor
Madeleine Pham is the Graphics Editor of the Howler. She is a big green tea enthusiast and is an adamant chocolate hater (it’s the aftertaste and texture). If you ever find her, make sure to give her a book recommendation that she can add to her “To Be Read” spreadsheet. Fun Fact: She draws most of her graphics with her fingers.

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