Fall-ing in love with this season


Rachel Kang

POTTER(L)Y IN LOVE: Autumn is junior Kenneth Duong’s favorite time for wheel throwing in ceramics class.

Rocky Gao, Staff Writer

As the foliage crinkles and the wind sweeps below our chins, summer fades along with greenery and with it, the monotonous heat. With autumn comes pumpkins, sweaters and a variety of activities which Northwood students partake in, so here are some of Northwood’s favorite reasons why fall-ing in love with this season is so easy.

Junior Kenneth Duong particularly enjoys ceramics during the fall, finding inspiration and tranquility in the pleasant weather. He likes to reminisce about his experience with ceramics by taking in the wonders of autumn with his sense of touch.

“Sometimes the wind brushes against me in the cool mornings and it feels refreshing, especially since it’s been really hot these past few weeks,” Duong said. “It’s relaxing, just like how I feel during my ceramics class.”

To Duong, autumn signals the departure of stress and the end of the frightening transition between sophomore and junior year, and ceramics facilitates that tranquility and comfort.

“The leaves that fall off of the trees remind me of whenever I trim of bits off of my pieces as I throw them to preserve the shape,” Duong said, referring to a slender vase he had made.

Senior Alton Nguyen, on the other hand, finds his peace not at school but in the wilderness. Nguyen enjoys sleeping among the fallen leaves and the crisp chill of autumn nights as he goes camping with his Scouts. Nguyen is enrolled in a division of the Boy Scouts of America called Venturing.

“It’s nice to get away from the stress of school for a bit,” Nguyen said. “Camping is relaxing because I get to hang out with my friends.”

Nguyen likes to camp at places like Irvine Lake Reservoir. Campers can only observe in awe as the vast blue body of the Irvine Lake and the enclosing trees stuff their vision. Their phones and electronic devices slowly sink into backpacks and bags, left to be forgotten until the trip ends.

“I don’t hate technology, but sometimes it’s just nice to get away from technology and enjoy nature,” Nguyen said. “If you use your phone while camping, it sort of ruins the experience.”

While Duong embraces a new school year with the coming of autumn, Nguyen looks forward to the sublime features of nature.