Behind the scenes: upcoming, incoming, homecoming


Michael Huang

PAINTING THE UNIVERSE: Senior Ashley Peters brings a Wonder Woman decoration to life with vivid colors and bold brushstrokes in anticipation of the upcoming Homecoming dance on Oct. 5.

Erin Kim, Accent Editor

While most of the student body is familiar with Homecoming, a weeklong tradition of welcoming back former students, many are unaware of the planning that goes into the event. ASB is responsible for planning, organizing and executing all of the events the week of Homecoming, including the decorations, pep rallies, the football game halftime show and the dance.

The preparation begins in the summer, when ASB meets to pitch themes, along with sub-themes for each class, and begin the process of narrowing their ideas down. Once a theme is agreed upon, ASB collaborates with NTV to create a captivating theme reveal; this year, the theme is Battle of the Universes with the following subsections: “Superverse,” “Galactic Universe,” “Magical Universe” and “Mystery Universe”.

“Because we were in a time crunch for the reveal, we wanted to quickly create an idea that would be sufficient and focus on the execution part,” senior NTV Film Director Isaiah Mirigan said. “Even though it was difficult to organize the actors, hanging out with ASB and NTV for the night was fun.”

ASB also splits into separate decorating and planning committees, which allows them to work on specific tasks more efficiently. The decorating committees are responsible for making props for certain parts of the campus, such as the Oak and school entrance, while the planning committees work to organize activities such as the Homecoming game and dance.

“I think the most challenging part of Homecoming is making sure the execution makes enough people happy,” junior class president Justine Gotico said. “This usually entails not only thinking of a great theme, but also working hard to make the props, decorating the school and preparing for pep rallies.”

ASB worked tirelessly to put together an exciting week for Northwood students, and their efforts are obvious. On Monday morning of Homecoming week, students will return to a colorful campus, bustling with props that match the theme and sub-themes.

“We put a ton of hours into planning, painting, dancing and setting up. The most fulfilling part about planning Homecoming would definitely be the first day of Homecoming week,” community representative junior Kara Chu said. “Seeing and hearing everyone’s reactions towards all the hard work we put into transforming the campus makes all of the hours and effort so worth it.”

Other interviewed ASB members also find contentment in the fact that their efforts contribute to a large event for the entire school. “It is rewarding to see all of our hard work coming together now,” junior class vice president Emily Odom said. As Homecoming week has so much in store for all of Northwood students to enjoy, including the Homecoming game’s halftime show and pep rallies this Friday, it is only right to recognize ASB for their planning and constant commitment.