Language Ambassador program


Ellie Chan

LAN-GAUGING INTEREST: The hot pink Language Ambassadors flyer catches the eye of every student on campus, including senior Arjun Suresh.

Anna Cho, News Editor

Having no friends in classes, sitting alone during lunch and feeling a sense of isolation at school can be a high schooler’s greatest nightmare. Being at a whole new school is unnerving, but being at a new school in a completely new country can often be even more intimidating, especially in a competitive environment like Northwood. 

To address this issue, as you may have seen from the vibrant pink flyers posted all around campus, leadership applications for the 2023-24 school year’s Language Ambassador program are now open for all rising juniors and seniors. 

Led by ELD Coordinator Emily Rhodarmer, the Language Ambassador program is a student organization that provides support and cushioning for English language learners in academic, instructional and social aspects of adjusting to Northwood. 

“This is a way for Northwood students who speak other languages to reach out and support other students on campus,” Rhodarmer said. “After the pandemic, we realized that we have a lot of work to do as some of the hardest kids to connect and work with are those who are not fluent in English.”

Although originally founded by history teacher Brendan Geck in 2017, the Language Ambassador program was briefly halted during the COVID-19 pandemic due to logistical problems and is reopening for the 2023-24 school year as the school is slowly recovering from the pandemic.

Students who speak a second language or have experience moving to the U.S. from a different country are highly encouraged to apply to help peers that are in the same situation. The ambassadors will be responsible for reaching out to new students on campus by eating lunch with them or serving as student translators whenever help is needed.

“I was really nervous about my language issues since I did not know too much English before coming to the U.S. in 2021,” senior Jiajan (Ken) Wen said. “But the Language Ambassador program helped me to learn English in a variety of ways by reaching out to others and working together with fellow ambassadors to create a more inclusive environment here at Northwood.”

Any interested rising juniors and seniors are encouraged to fill out the application by today, April 28, or email [email protected] for any more questions or information.