Timby’s Swap ‘n Shop


Aryav Nagar

HIDDEN TREASURES: Sophomore Ivana Siu organizes AP preparation books donated for the Swap ‘n Shop.

Sohum Sarwate, Copy Editor

Northwood Student Forum is organizing a “Swap ‘n Shop” where students can donate lightly used school items until April 25.

The event is centered around promoting the idea of recycling academic materials that can accumulate in price and supporting the student body. Its main focus is to provide books for ACT, SAT, AP preparation and other educational support resources to students who may not have access to them. In addition to that, Student Forum is also hoping to collect a wide range of items including school merch or old yearbooks. 

“The purpose of the service project is to give back to the community,” Student Forum president senior Anthara Thirupathi said. “We try to pinpoint different barriers that exist for different communities, and this year, we decided to focus on the access to educational resources.”

In the past, Student Forum has focused on a range of causes including donations to hospitals during the pandemic, but this year’s service project looked a little closer to home in the hopes of supporting Northwood students in the best way possible.

“As we went on with our meetings, the purpose evolved to create a sort of coming together of the community to support younger students and just creating a sense of belonging on campus,” Thirupathi said.

Students can participate by placing donations at the SAC during the time of the event or through a registered organization. All students who donate can receive credit for another item of equal value.

“I’m sure a lot of us can get involved because we have stuff that’s just sitting in our house that others can use,” Student Forum member freshman Nathan How said. “It’s a great way of reusing materials and giving back to people who you may not even know.”

Visit @nhstwolves on Instagram for more information and an in depth list of items you can donate.