Night of the Arts: VAPA electives will capture your he(arts)


Ellie Chan

ACA-PERFECT: Northwood’s acapella group Unaccompanied Minors rehearse for Night of the Arts.

Anna Cho, News Editor

For one night only, anyone can stand in front of the Philharmonic Orchestra and conduct them with no experience or screen print their own custom T-shirt to get a sense of the possibilities of fine arts electives at Northwood.

As a part of Fine Arts Week from April 10-14, the Night of the Arts on April 13 is an annual event showcasing art from elementary to high school students in the Northwood community.

Through performances and demonstrations of what students have been working on in their Visual and Performing Art electives including Dance, Music, Theater, Video Production and Art, the event is meant to bring viewership to Northwood’s art programs and inspire younger student artists with the beauty of the fine arts.

“By displaying the artwork by older and younger students side by side, we are essentially inspiring younger generations of artists to visualize what their artwork could develop into if they continued with it,” IDAC co-advisor Kimberly Rohrs said.

The night will consist of tables for each arts discipline where representatives will explain various topics covered in the course to visitors. Additionally, there will be interactive arts and craft activities around the school campus planned by the Interdisciplinary Arts Council.

Some of the displayed fine arts will include visual works from students in Northwood’s year-long Ceramics course, who have started to familiarize themselves with clay sculptures and pottery. Newer open-enrollment arts courses like Ceramics welcome a more hands-on approach to modern arts and allow students to develop their art passions further outside academics.

“I love how almost all the projects like sculptures, pots and head sculptures are free choice so I can be creative and have fun,” Ceramics student junior Navya Hugalavalli said. “These creative arts courses give so many opportunities to meet new people and learn from each other.”

In addition to the hands-on demo stations, the event will feature an introduction to Northwood’s extensive music program featuring more than 500 students.

Through various programs like marching band, orchestras, bands and choirs, students are allowed to engage in regular performances and learn brand new instruments.

“As one of the Drum Majors, I would say you should join the Marching Band because of the close-knit family environment,” senior June Lee said. “Don’t be scared to join as many arts programs as you can, instead of loading your schedule up with as many APs as you can. You might end up finding all sorts of new interests that you never would have experienced.”

Music programs will be represented through “Conduct-the-Orchestra,” but with acapella as well. The sweet harmonic voices of Northwood’s Unaccompanied Minors are scheduled to echo throughout the campus during the event.

Overall, the Night of the Arts is a great way for younger students to learn more about the different arts programs offered at Northwood.

“There’s just something in music, dance, theater, paintings and sculptures that really can’t be captured through words,” senior Sara Babaesfahani said. “The arts department is a great way to express yourself in more than one medium, and you won’t regret trying at least one class in the arts department during high school.”

Students and parents are encouraged to check out the Night of the Arts event, open to everyone, on April 13 from 5-7 p.m. at Northwood.