Spring Fling: Cancelled


Ivana Siu

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: Last minute cancellation of Spring Fling left students peeking through the looking-glass.

Shreya Aithal, Staff Writer

Northwood’s Spring Fling dance, to be held on March 11, was canceled due unforeseen circumstances. 

The dance was organized by sophomore president Aarya Raghavasugosh, vice president Ivana Siu and the sophomore class council, and was set to feature an “Alice in Wonderland” theme. 

“I was disappointed, since my friends and I were all dressed up on-theme,” sophomore Jane Wang said. “I also felt bad since there was so much hard work put into promo, decorations and more.”

Spring Fling, formerly the Sadie Hawkins dance, was once an annual tradition at Northwood, but has not taken place since 2019, meaning no current students at Northwood has ever experienced the dance. The sophomore class council planned to feature Northwood’s signature photo booth, the “Alice in Wonderland” movie and treats, such as cotton candy and popcorn. 

Due to rain, Spring Fling was moved from the Oak to the gym before it was canceled about two hours before the dance was scheduled to begin. Students were informed that refunds will be issued in the coming weeks.

“I was shocked to learn that it was canceled, and very disappointed,” sophomore Louis Gaigneux said. “I was looking forward to it, and so many people had worked so hard to bring it together.”

As ASB-planned events continue throughout the course of March, Spring Fling will not be rescheduled. Prom, which will take place in May, is being planned by the junior class and is open to upperclassmen. To attend, freshman and sophomore students will need to be invited by junior or senior students.

“Prom is the one of the biggest landmarks of high school for seniors,” junior vice president Muhanad Hilal said. “Junior Class Council has been working really hard to make every detail perfect, and it’ll be a really fun experience for everyone who goes.”