Statistically splitting your Spring Break

Elena Higuchi, Staff Writer

Birds are chirping, new couples are cropping up in the 1400s stairwell, flowers are blooming and seasonal allergies are running their rampage—we all know what that means: Spring is finally here!

The glorious changes in weather brings an even more exciting prospect for Northwood students alike: Spring Break. However, this newfound freedom also brings up a tough question for some: What could one possibly do with all that time?

To answer this question, here’s a pie chart of the ideal spring break (down to the minute) to serve as “inspo” for your week off.

5400 minutes: Playing Nitro Type
Skills must be practiced to perfect. With a faster word per minute speed, you can spit out that essay due at 11:59 p.m. without a problem. So keep racing.

50 minutes: Lying in bed watching TikTok
As a Northwood student, you have thoughtfully mastered the art of time management and healthy amounts of screentime.

240 minutes: Contemplating doing SAT/ACT prep or application writing

Doing academic prep work can be daunting and requires incredible willpower. Such a large task requires equally large thought before action.

100 minutes: Practicing sprints

Warming up those legs will ensure that they are in perfect condition for racing to grab the last beef ravioli from the cafeteria.

960 minutes: Rewatching the last season of My Little Pony
You’ve probably experienced your fair share of friendship betrayals. The lessons derived from the show are the best way to overcome lingering heartache. Feel free to channel your inner Rarity by practicing self-care too.

720 minutes: Camping out at your local IKEA
Make sure to stock up on Swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns for the overnight endeavor. The soft DJUNGELSKOG is the perfect company as you catch up on your missed naps during the year.