Northwood celebrates Black History Month


Andrew Le

SHAKE IT OFF AND SWIFT-LY NAME THAT TUNE: Freshman Damareus Tyler and Junior Kai Mo play Guess-the-Song at BSU’s Lunch Fest.

Megha Kishore, Staff Writer

Black Student Union honored Black History Month through spirit days and events throughout the month of February, in collaboration with ASB.

BSU planned events to emphasize what it means to be African American, presenting different aspects of African American culture, on every Friday of the month. These events included Pan-African flag spirit day to recognize unity amongst all with African ancestry, Black Icon spirit day to pay respect to black artists who significantly contributed to American culture and a Guess-the-Song Lunch Fest to spread knowledge on black artists who have shaped the music industry. Along with these school wide events, Black Student Union held a club party to celebrate the successes they had this month through these events. 

“We really wanted something that would shed light on our culture and we figured music and clothes are a great example of what African -Americans bring to the table,” BSU club president Desirae Folayan said. “With these events, Black Student Union and I hope to bring more light onto black culture here at school as there are not many of our demographic on campus.”

As BSU looked towards finding ways to celebrate Black History Month, ASB collaborated to help execute the different events and bring schoolwide attention. BSU used inputs from club and board members to make the final decision about the events they believed would help spread their message and increase participation. 

I feel like I am being appreciated for who I am and I feel heard.”

— sophomore Zaira Ulmer

“I feel like I am being appreciated for who I am and I feel heard,” sophomore Zaira Ulmer said. “The events are very well thought out and are culturally conscious while not mocking and instead celebrating African American Culture.”

Although Black History Month ends after February, the club is still open for students to participate in activities to learn about black culture and history throughout the rest of the school year. Meetings are held every odd Thursday in room 1305 and all students are welcome to attend.