Blake Yavuz: The mastermind behind the Wonka stage


Ellie Chan

BACKSTAGE BLIZZARD: In a Wonka musical rehearsal, Senior Blake Yavuz watches the snow fall onstage as they carefully control the size of the snowstorm from the ropes backstage.

Jihoo Yoon, A&E Editor

In the world of theatre, anything is possible—even a local high school can be transformed into a world of pure imagination. While the performers tell tales through their songs and scripts, tech theatre students work devotedly behind the scenes to ensure that the sets and scenes merge seamlessly into a scrumptious swirl of fantasy.

Overseeing it all is senior Blake Yavuz, the technical theater director at Northwood. Having an interest in carpentry since they were young, Yavuz was introduced to the school’s tech theater program during their freshman year.

Throughout high school, Yavuz has been a part of various Northwood productions, such as “Theory of Relativity,” “Ash Girl” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” While they might not be standing in the spotlight, Yavuz and the technical crew’s hard work is crucial for the success of any Northwood production.

“Technical theatre is not so much performing, but rather creating a performance space and environment,” Yavuz said. “What I do as technical director is take those scenic designs done by whoever, implement those and make it work.”

Of course, making it work is much easier said than done. From costumes to scene transitions, Yavuz works with their crew to ensure that each set is perfectly placed within each scene. In order to transform their vision into a reality in time for the show, meticulous planning is essential.

“Whenever a problem comes up, it can slow down a lot of other things,” Yavuz said. “If we’re trying to work onstage, trying to build something and we’re having some delays, it’s gonna delay how much time lighting gets to set up as well.”

Despite the various moving parts when managing a crew, Yavuz enjoys the role they play in Northwood’s tech theater program. They especially enjoy seeing the blueprints of their set design turn into a lasting impression in Northwood’s production history.

“The few days or weeks of loading are always really fun because that’s when we have to take everything we have been building in smaller parts and put it together,” Yavuz said. “Doing the show, seeing everything happen and seeing the special effects work on time is really worth it.”

Even with all they have accomplished, Yavuz’s journey to master the art of technical theater has just begun. They plan to study design and production even after high school. Until then, Yavuz intends to make the most of their tech theater career at Northwood as they prepare for another upcoming play in March, which will undoubtedly open Northwood students’ eyes to another magical universe.