A Sparkling Snow Ball: Winter Formal at Bowers


Courtesy of NTV

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER: Seniors Ryan Kessler and Andrew Penrod take to the dance floor with their friends.

Megha Kishore, Staff Writer

As students walked through the grand gate in glittering outfits, they caught a glimpse of the flashing spotlights and elegant tables through the museum’s transparent glass walls. Bowers Museum’s enchanting beauty compelled people to explore the captivating art surrounding the main area and the charming outdoor backyard with its scenic views and engaging activities. The museum vibrated with sounds of laughter and sparkled with winter-themed decorations as students gathered for Northwood’s “Snow Ball” Winter Formal on the chilly night of Jan. 7.  

“The idea of being in a museum for a dance was so cool because of all the exhibits we could go to,” sophomore Lily Ye said. “I loved the venue because it was unique and somewhere I don’t think many have been to.” 

We wanted to have a simple but elegant theme that was easy for people to relate to, dress up to and encompass the season as a whole.

— senior class president Neela Michelsen

Blankets were set up for students to bundle up while watching Jurassic Park on a projector, while games like cornhole were also available to enjoy outside. At the entrance, a game truck with a collection of popular video games awaited arriving students. A polaroid photo booth, complete with a photographer and props, was also a crowd favorite among Formal-goers. 

“The photo booths had different and cute formats which helped me keep memories with my friends at Formal,” senior Mahdis Jenabi said. “The photos are a memorable part of one of the last school dances in my senior year.”

This year’s theme, “Snow Ball,” represented a festive, seasonal dance that evoked feelings of being transported to a winter wonderland. Senior Class Council decided on the theme by relying  on student input from forms sent via Instagram. 

“We wanted to have a simple but elegant theme that was easy for people to relate to, dress up to and encompass the season as a whole,” senior class president Neela Michelsen said. 

This year the date of the dance was moved earlier than in previous years and food was served after the dance rather than during. Due to the museum’s restrictions, the original plan for food was changed last minute by giving snacks like cookies and chips inside goody bags. 

Despite the sudden change in plans, Formal offered different experiences through each of its unique activities and by its alluring and aesthetic location. Over 600 tickets were sold this year, a higher quantity than in past years. 

“I think that Formal was a success,” Michelsen said. “I’m proud of everything that us and our council did and I hope that everyone enjoyed it.” 

After Formal, ASB is working towards the next major dances, including the Spring Fling in March and Prom for upperclassmen in May.