Choir Winterlight

All levels of choir performed multiple selections which displayed their vocal talents through  high notes and harmonious chorus, while other songs parodied traditional holiday repertoire showcasing that each choir had a diverse range of skill.

Classic holiday songs like “Jingle Bells” were adapted into “Jumble Bells,” where Chamber Singers sang it “jumbled” and out of order, while Bass Clef’s “Twelve Days After Christmas” cleverly changed the lyrics for the song to be from the man’s perspective rather than the official “Twelve Days of Christmas” which is sung from a woman’s perspective.

“The holiday season is a time for love, happiness, and remembering those who are dear to us,” choral director Zach Halop said. “Laughter is a tie that binds us all which is why I included the humorous elements to the songs.”

Treble Clef and Viva Cantar performed “Choralography,” which are sets of choreographed dances executed while they sing. Treble Clef used gift bags as props while singing “Christmas Rush,” a song about shopping during the holiday season. Viva Cantar performed “Down Down the Chimney” utilizing the full stage for formations as performers moved from sitting on the edge of the stage to surrounding the corners.