Boys Lacrosse

Mei Ono, Editor-in-Chief

A shining gold trophy shimmered in the sunlight at Northwood’s field as Boys Varsity Lacrosse reclaimed their Own the City Championship title last month on April 27, concluding another successful season.

Just last month, Boys Varsity Lacrosse took home the Own the City championship trophy for the third time in the past four years. The team finished second in the Pacific Coast League with an 8-2 overall record, coming up one game short to claiming the league title. If that wasn’t enough, JV Boys Lacrosse secured a tie for first in their league after a win against Beckman for the first time in nine years. Throughout all of their wins and losses, the players never faltered from their goal of winning the championship.

“This season, in particular, taught me that there is no real cap to your skill level,” Varsity Boys Lacrosse sophomore Dolan Chang said. “You have to continuously make an effort to improve yourself every day.”

A highlight of the varsity team’s season was their second match against Woodbridge that guaranteed them their second place standing in the league. The boys recovered from an early four-point loss to win the game, a huge turnaround from their last season where they ended third +with a 5-5 record.

Receiving the championship trophy again was a rewarding experience for the hard-working group of players; however, it was definitely not an easy win, especially having to battle obstacles of shorter rosters or terrible weather.

“I think the biggest challenge we faced this year were the injuries. Fortunately, our team had a ‘next up’ mentality and always had people willing and able to fill the missing spots,” Boys Lacrosse coach Scott Macleod said. “This really solidified everyone for one mantra and helped shape the culture we have been creating for the future.”

This was MacLeod’s last season as the head coach of Boys Lacrosse after seven dedicated years of raising talented athletes. MacLeod leaves a lasting impact on the Northwood’s lacrosse program, and his hard work is appreciated by students and staff alike.

“During my three years of playing lacrosse, I have made countless friends and memories that I would not have made if I had not joined the team,” senior Martin Phelps said.

The team had notable recognition featuring senior Ayden Macleod as the overall League Most Valuable Player, along with the largest selection of First and Second Team winners. In light of their success this season, Boys Lacrosse looks forward to next season with even greater hope.

“We built lots of strong bonds this year that I am sure will carry on to the future,” sophomore Ryan Collins said. “With that, I think we will come out next year and do even better.”