Tis the Season: Holiday card ideas that totally sleigh


Lucy Kim, Sophia Ho, and Rikkie Gunawan

Heyy Mr. Winter! NGL, Christmas is really hitting different this year. You were giving main character energy throughout this entire semester, no cap. Your classroom playlists always slap, so I’m always vibing when we do self-pace. It’s the impeccable taste for me. Anyways, I’m about to gaslight the Big Boss Claus (wink wink, my parents) into clearing my Christmas list—if the plan tanks, I’ll LYK. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and remember to sleigh the holidays away!

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher Ms. BananaClawsClaus! As a side note: Remember that anchor that you said you would grade over break? I hope these chocolates will cheer you up for a great session of anchor-grading! By the way, my anchor starts with a Spiderman quote about responsibility. Not that it would matter since my lovely anchor, which I turned in on time and made sure fit the page limit, is genius-ly titled “Fall Anchor: The Holocaust during World War II.” What was I saying? Oh right. Happy holidays!