Multiple sports or one

Alice Chien, Editor-in-Chief

Cory Pham (Sophomore): 

I think it is better to focus on one sport, but also pick other sports to play because playing multiple sports can help improve your footwork and timing. For example, I mainly play tennis, but I also play basketball and football when I’m off the court to help me stay active and improve my endurance., so when it comes to tennis matches, I can take skills from those sports and implement them onto the court.


Sophie Grossman (Senior):

I’ve done two sports (Basketball and Track and Field) for all four years and have competed on Varsity for all four. If I could’ve done more sports, I would’ve! I joined track because I didn’t want to take freshman year P.E. and I fell in love with it. Now, I’m going to college for track and that’s something I never thought could happen. Joining multiple sports gives you a wide array of experiences and people to meet, as well as makes you a better athlete as you have to train in different disciplines. It also teaches valuable communication and time management skills. I recommend trying multiple sports in the beginning and then deciding if you want to continue or focus on one!


Shreya Guddeti (Sophomore)

“It is definitely a good idea to play more than one sport. It gives you multiple outlets to express yourself and also showcase your talent. Personally, I am in Tennis and Track and Field and it is a lot of fun.” 


Evan Smith (Junior)

“I do Cross Country and track, and as a result, it’s basically the same sport. As a result, I might be biased, but I think if you have a sport that you are already know you’re good at, it is more beneficial to focus on that one and improve rather than spread yourself too thin across multiple sports.