Sports banquet

Jahnvi Mehta, Publicist

As a sports season comes to an end, the team’s final commemoration is celebrated with a banquet. This event brings together coaches, players, family and friends to honor the best moments and players of the season. Here is a list of must-haves for a successful banquet!


  1. Wall decorations

Adorn the walls with a banner that says the sports team name, pictures from the season or balloons to make a festive environment!

  1. Table decorations

Decorate the tables with pictures of the team, confetti in the shape of the sport and centerpieces that have mini jerseys with players’ numbers on them.

  1. Speeches

It’s important to have speeches from the coaches, captains and even the MVP to reflect on the season as a whole, share their favorite memories and laughs, and even to set goals for the team next year.

  1. Attire

Banquets are meant to be semi-formal: for guys, this would mean a button-up shirt and pants and for girls, this would be a summer dress or a romper.

  1. Video

One of the most sentimental moments during a banquet is the video compilation of pictures taken throughout the season, whether it was on or off the field. This video generally has music playing in the background and is a great way for the teams to reminisce on the season.

  1. Awards

Although the coaches may give out their own awards, the captain(s) should also make joke awards for each player on the team. This is one of the best ways to lighten the mood, make each player feel unique and remind every one of them of the legacy they left during the season.