Coffee House

Mei Ono, Editor-in-Chief

The passionate voices and melodies of Northwood students carried through the cool evening air on May 24 during Coffee House hosted by seniors Caroline Candy and Ian Gibson.

Students guzzled down $8 worth of unlimited drinks while listening to performances by over 15 groups. The seats in the courtyard were packed, forcing many students to stand in the back, hoping to get as much as they could out of the occasion. 

Sophomores Cody Nakatsukasa and Sean Kawanami and seniors Ryan Dong and Max Lee opened the show with their group, Jam the Band, performing “Yellow Jacket” by Shaun Martin. The event continued with acapella group B-Sharp singing “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel, “I Am,” an original speech by sophomore May Essman, “Blackbird” by the Beatles sung by junior Elijah Rhee, and more.

“I like how different groups of people can really come together and stand for their opinions on certain issues while showcasing their love for the arts,” Kawanami said.

Even after sunset, the performers kept the spirit alive with heartwarming songs and speeches that lit up the night. After a short intermission and additional performances including original spoken word “Not Just 15” by sophomores Kaitlin Miranda and Annika Weinberg, Coffee House came to a close with sophomore Noah Reichard’s original song “Earth Machine.” Once the show was over, the audience got up on their feet to sing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey accompanied by Rhee on guitar.

“The vibe of this event is unique because of its more casual and friendly setting,” junior Arthur Jiang said. “I love coming back every year to see all of the talent that Northwood has to offer.”

The annual Coffee House provided a stage for the accomplished performers and students in the audience were able to relax as well by scribbling on the table sheets to eating Costco muffins as a great way for many to destress with finals week drawing nearer.