Senior plans

Mei Ono, Editor-in-Chief

As the school year comes to a close, seniors are making big plans for their future, ranging from working over the summer to traveling the world with friends. With their own aspirations in mind, seniors are taking steps to achieve their post-high school dreams.

Senior Tyler Lee, who will be majoring in psychology, is looking forward to exploring his interests and new opportunities in college.

“While I don’t really have a solid plan of what exactly I want to be in the future, I think that’s what college is for. It’s a great place to explore all your options and decide for yourself,” Lee said. “I’m also excited to take some extracurriculars while I’m at Berkeley, especially dance. I’ve seen people holding outdoor dance classes at Berkeley, which is really cool.”

Planning to major in sociology and gain work experience, senior Elise Hyun aims to expand her horizons culturally and socially.

“I hope to pursue human resource management as a career  because it combines casual interactions with people with a challenging environment where I can be involved in the workforce. In the short term I hope to get a summer job and possibly work at a boba shop,” Hyun said. “During college, I want to get involved more with Asian culture clubs because I want to become more connected to my Chinese, Japanese, and Korean heritages as well as meet new people. If I have time, I hope to join a choir group too.”

Senior Stacy Kikuchi will begin her college journey studying civil engineering, but before she heads to San Luis Obispo, she will be savoring her summer with her basketball teammates.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and getting involved in new things at college,” Kikuchi said. “This summer, my team is traveling to Hawaii for a senior trip. We will stay at Oahu for five days to go sightseeing, as we are also planning to go ziplining. In the future, I want to work for Disney by either designing their rides or planning construction.”

The class of 2019 is checking off the last boxes of their high school to-do lists while adding more to their growing college lists of how to spend their next few years. There is no doubt that, whatever the seniors may be up to in the future, their legacies will remain and serve as inspiration for Northwood students of future years.