Study cafes

Ally Chao, Staff Writer

As the sweet promise of summer lies just around the corner, so does the looming inevitability of finals week. As wonderful as the public libraries are, here’s a quick rundown of a few cafes in Irvine with free Wi-Fi for all students looking for a change of scenery and a cup of coffee.


Panera Bread (6372 Irvine Blvd, 3988 Barranca Pkwy, 13205 Jamboree Rd): The quintessential study hub. Although the background noise might make it difficult for some to focus, Panera is great for those looking to purchase an light snack or meal and be left alone for a few hours. What’s more, with the crowds of students that inhabit the bakery-cafe during finals week, you’ll have very high chances of running into fellow students who can help answer your study questions.


BLKdot Coffee/Corner Bakery Cafe (13786 Jamboree Rd): Located a few steps away from each other, these two cafes offer breakfast, lunch and coffee to fulfill all your stomach’s desires. While seating may be limited indoors, the surrounding Irvine Marketplace provides plenty of outdoor seating for students to revitalize and soak in the sun. 


The Lost Bean (4632 Barranca Pkwy): The clean and modern design of this coffee shop makes for a peaceful study environment with great lighting and soft music in the background — but beware of limited space and smaller tables.


Coffee Tomo (1533 Culver Dr): This Japanese-style coffee shop with a cozy interior and dark wood accents also serves fresh pretzel pastries. The two-hour time limit to each seat makes this a good option for light studying or finishing up a quick assignment.


Ding Tea (92 Corporate Park or 13820 Red Hill Ave): Why drink coffee when you could fuel your studying with boba tea? Both locations provide outlets and a modest amount of space, although available tables are not guaranteed. However, the music playing in the background may be a distraction to some.