Giving thanks… or draining my bank?


Saba Nabaeighahroudi

A FICKLE PEOPLE: Some might find that holidays bring out the worst in people.

Jaycee Hendrickson, Sports Editor

I slowly wake up and make my way out of bed. It feels like a normal morning, free from a tedious to-do list. Grabbing my phone as I prepare to make breakfast, I see the date on the homescreen… lo and behold, it’s Thanksgiving!

I’ve had an awakening. All of a sudden, I’m overwhelmed with a gnawing, newfound feeling of gratitude. The birds are chirping! The sun is peeking out from behind the gloomy clouds of November. Life is beautiful! By noon time, I’ve texted dozens of family members: How are you? It’s been so long; I miss you! Let’s catch up. XOXO. 

Thanksgiving dinner is a real feast. I’m blessed to be in the company of my friends, family and everyone that I love in my life. Shortly before eating, we circle the dining table and give thanks. 

“I’m so immensely grateful for my place in life, the possessions that I own and the people around me. I truly couldn’t ask for anything–and I mean ANYTHING–more than this.”

A stomach full of turkey and cranberry sauce and a brain content with the laughs and memories of Thanksgiving night, a peaceful sleep creeps upon me. What a wonderful, reflective day.

The next day

It’s like the scene from Mean Girls. Screaming, screeching, scathing animal sounds fill the store. I’m pushing through crowds and sprinting through Macy’s, trying to find the last 50% off designer bag. I can’t get my mind off of it… There’s nothing I want more. I’ll FIGHT for it. Nothing I own holds any comparable worth. Please, God–or Macy’s employees, same thing– send me your prayers!

Still making my way towards the designer section, I see another beauty. The all-new, one-of-a-kind KitchenAid electric stand mixer. It’s well over a hundred bucks, but the decision is easy. Mine now.

Who knew there were so many different sections in Macys? So many sections with blaring discount numbers on the windows and friendly store managers at the front? What was I supposed to do? Ignore them?

The irresistible deals didn’t stop at the mixer. Or the Prada bag. Or the shoes. Or my puffer jacket, lawn mower, rice cooker, exercise bike…

So my wallet is now empty and the credit card bill is yet to arrive. But, honestly, whoever said you can’t buy happiness was lying to themselves.