The Masterminds of October: Recently dropped albums


Abby Warnock

MELODIES LEFT AND RIGHT: Music fills the empty space.

Megha Kishore, Staff Writer

Music is in all parts of life, and songs from our beloved artists always seem to work in improving any mood, whether it’s excitement, comfort or a feeling of support. As October marks the beginning of a new season, so does a collection of new music from popular artists, each with its own unique vibe to update your fall playlist with.

“Midnights” – Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” has been one of the most anticipated album releases of October. Swift slowly dropped each song from the track list throughout the month on her social media, until the full album was released on Oct. 21.
“It sounded like a mixture of her previous albums like ‘Lover’, ‘Evermore’ and ‘Reputation’,” junior Inaya Jaffer said. “It felt like she was mixing the best parts of these albums.”

“Maxident” – Stray Kids
Stray Kids released their seventh extended play, “Maxident,” which expresses the different types of love. Since the release on Oct. 7, the group has continued to promote their new songs through performances, album unboxings and reaction videos.
“Them trying something new and also acknowledging the impact they have had through the song was a very great feeling,” sophomore Ananya Prakash said. “And the song, ‘3racha,’ is so good and ear-filling.”

“Charlie” – Charlie Puth
“Charlie” is Charlie Puth’s first album in four years, released on Oct. 7. Puth has teased his album for the past several months on his TikTok by releasing small clips of each song, without revealing that they were part of his new album, which includes songs such as “Light Switch” and “Left and Right.”
“There’s a lot of autotune so it has an electric dance vibe,” sophomore Anika Bhat said. “It’s easy to listen to and very mainstream pop.”

“The Car” – Arctic Monkeys
With their new album, “The Car,” the Arctic Monkeys announced their North American tour in 2023. Even before the album’s drop on Oct. 21, the band released the music video for one of the album’s tracks, “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball” and performed “I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am”.
“My favorite songs are Perfect Sense and The Car because I loved the lyrics,” freshmen Isabella Schultz said. “It definitely had the vibe of their previous album,“Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” more than any other album.”