Student Speak: Why Your Sport?

Rachel Yokota, Sports Editor

I started soccer because it was really interesting to watch. My dad would show me games all the time and I liked watching it. I also played FIFA a lot, so I was like, I’ll play soccer. I started really young too, I think around 5 years old. I’m pretty bad but now I’m on Varsity, so it’s all good.
– Aditya Rawat (12) Soccer




Before cheer, I was a dancer for many years, but I’ve always wanted to join the squad. My mom was a cheerleader when she was younger and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. She used to sign me up for these three-day cheer camps where we learned cheers and performed at varsity football games. I thought it was super fun and exciting to see the girls stunt and cheer for their school, and I wanted to do the same when I got to high school.
– Adisten Perry (9) Pep Squad




I started playing golf when I was 7 years old after my dad brought me to the course to play. He started playing a year before me and he thinks it’s a good sport, so he encouraged me to play as well. Then I started to practice more often as well because I also think it’s good exercise. I like golf because no matter what natural ability you were born with, you can play good golf. Whether you are big or tiny doesn’t matter.
– Winnie Wei (10) Golf




I played football at lunch with my friends in elementary and middle school and I always thought that it was fun and that joining football would be a good experience. There’s not many other places where you can get the equipment and be on a team with 50 other guys, so I thought it was a good opportunity for high school. It turns out that I really like that team experience. When you’re around so many people, it’s a good opportunity to learn discipline. I think that’s where I learned a lot of my work habits.
– Emir Uzun (11) Football



Photos taken by Tyler Truong and Neil Godse