The Freshman Forte: How they stand out in the stands

Megha Kishore, Staff Writer

“I heard it would be a really good way to make connections because it’s the biggest student body at Northwood. The community is diverse, with different people from all over the school joining together to play. I’ve learned some sort of discipline, more than what I had before.”

-Nathan How (9), Alto Saxophone

“I really enjoyed the energy at the football game and how everybody was cheering for our team. It’s just a really fun elective where you can make a lot of friends and practice choreography together.”

-Isabelle Sumcad (9), Color Guard

“I went to band camp before high school started and I was able to make friends and talk to people. It’s like a giant family. All the seniors are friendly and are willing to talk to you. It was such a great way to start high school and make friends. It’s a little tiring, but it’s so fun.”

-Ritieka Kumar (9), Trombone

“When I first joined marching band, I didn’t have many friends at Northwood, but I was able to connect with the people in my section over music. For the visuals to come together, everyone needs to do their part and contribute, which makes it a team-building activity. The environment is really positive, which is why it’s so much easier to make friends.”

-Lauryn Chew (9), Clarinet

Photos taken by Tyler Truong