Choir’s back-to-school Informance


Ellie Chan

BACK TO THE BASICS: Viva Cantar demonstrates the intricate technique required with sight-reading.

Elena Higuchi, Staff Writer

For the first time in five years, Northwood students and families packed the theater for the Northwood choral program’s Choir Informance. The lights dimmed and the beginning-level women’s ensemble, Treble Clef, shuffled onto the stage to sing “Manx Lullaby” by Sláinte.

The Choir Informance on Sept. 14 was an informal showcase of the Northwood’s choral ensembles. While the beginning-level and intermediate-level choral groups performed songs, advanced-level Viva Cantar and Chamber Singers demonstrated the intricacies of choir.

Viva Cantar displayed proper posture and their sight-reading skills, while Chamber Singers gave a live demonstration of voice matching. -by showing how the choir’s sound changes as people move into different places.

“We want people to see where we start because if the audience can have that reference point and see what we can do in just a little bit of time, it shows anybody that you’re completely capable of doing something like this,” choir director Zach Halop said.

After a five year hiatus and the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the Choir Informance returned as the first choral performance of the year. Approval for live performances was given a few months into the last school year, but many restrictions still remained until the end of the year. This left many students and families are unfamiliar with the choral program and performances. The Choir Informance served as an educational experience for both new and returning students and families.

“I think it was really important to show parents and newcomers in the choral program the atmosphere of performances,” senior Salma Iliasu Viva Cantar singer said. “I was also able to relearn what choir performances are like.”

Be sure to look out for the fall choir concert on Oct. 20 at 7 p.m.