The trails behind us


Yenna Kim, Centerspread Editor

Imagine sitting at a cafe that pulses with a muted ambience, sipping on an iced hazelnut latte while studying array lists for the AP Computer Science exam. Striding across the Crystal Cove shore with a grabber tool and trash bag in hand, leading a beach clean-up as the president of a Northwood club. Rallying Friday nights as a part of the Wall of Sound. Hits all the hallmarks of an idealized Northwood student, am I right? With those romanticized images plastered onto my mental vision board, I ambitiously planned my four-year path at Northwood as a stepping stone to my future as a potential software developer.

Mid-sophomore year, that carefully drafted vision was upturned with the revelation that I wanted to pursue my lifetime passion for art.

This epiphany coincided with the opening to apply to The Howler, just before spring semester began. I decided to join as a graphic artist despite taking Journalism the previous semester. Although my short experience with journalism allowed me an Alburger-gifted clearance to write, I kept my distance due to a mix of apprehension to write and a firm determination to learn digital art. A few weeks into the spring semester of sophomore year, I found myself questioning my impact on The Howler hierarchy; being plunged into the tight-knit unit of journalist-minded students and experienced digital artists, I was out of my depth.

But with every class, I was introduced to a new inspiration, a new point of view, to make my own. As an artist, I was accustomed to planning the visual layout of an artwork, including details like color schemes and composition; as a journalist, I considered the importance of human voices in reporting and storytelling.

Somehow along the way, I took on the position of Centerspread Editor, which allowed me to simultaneously develop and weave both aspects of art and writing together to create an appealing visual impact for the Northwood community.

I am endlessly grateful for these past two years that I’ve been designated with making monthly spreads. In taking these steps to grow with each creation of the Centerspread, I no longer doubt my impact.

Through it all, I am still learning that our paths in life are designed to oscillate, and that it is up to us to see the beauty in the wavering lines that trail behind us.