The best staff writer’s superiority complex


Diego Moreno, Staff Writer

The staff writers are the single group carrying The Howler because without us, there would be no newspaper.
Sure, the graphics are pretty, but without the staff writers’ vision on what to draw, the graphic artists wouldn’t get anything done. Our Junk articles are supported by the jokes alone and the graphics are only the garnish.

Don’t even get me started on the photos either. Anyone can go out and take pictures of students or some pretty sunset. The people with real skills are the writers who have to caption the pictures because those captions have to be both clever and explain the photo in 20 words or less.

Not even the editors are responsible for The Howler’s success just because they decided to become big shots and order us staff writers around. Editors’ pitches would remain that—just pitches—without the writers creating the masterpiece articles. These people betrayed the staff writers and have forgotten where they came from, but us staff writers won’t ever forget (especially after Mei’s roast).

Business team: Who are they and what do they do? They are the ones responsible for taking up pages we could’ve used to write stories, and for what, to sell ads? The ads are sold because these students read our articles, then notice the ads, not the other way around.

All of these people need staff writers, but the staff writers don’t need them.

However, the graphic artists sure are talented. My Rudolph comic would never have happened had Rachel not drawn it, and the food graphics that Rice makes are so beautiful and made the articles better. If it weren’t for the graphic artists, our articles wouldn’t be as good.

The photography team does take awesome action shots such as the football team winning the CIF game, the celebration of our student section or even our theater kids performing “Ash Girl.” Without the talent of our photographers, we wouldn’t have such great photos and would be unable to have visuals to our articles.

Our business team is what keeps us afloat. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to print the paper, so I guess our business team is a necessary part of the Howler team.

Editors are the ones who give ideas for the articles we write, and it’s thanks to their edits that the articles end up amazing. Not to mention, they’re the ones who create the layouts that make our articles nice to read, so it seems they are also important to the team. Also, Mei plugged my article so gotta forgive them.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though the staff writers are the most important and most amazing group on The Howler, the other groups are required for The Howler to function, and without them, The Howler would not have reached its true potential.

Thank you to everyone on The Howler for everything you have done. You guys are what made The Howler what it is today, which is an amazing publication with the best articles, photos and graphics around.